1. Using this just now, great app!

  2. steve anderson says


  3. i just wait for installer you now how long is gone take

  4. I believe there is away for devs to add there own sources to Cydia. It seems they have to add there source as a package on Cydia. Then you just click the package to add the source. Scum VM seems to have done this and it worked fine for me.

  5. Eh, I just installed this off Cydia minutes ago!

  6. Yes there is a way to add sources.

    But some of you don’t understand that:

    1.) Old Installer 3.1 Sources won’t work with Cydia!
    2.) There are no other sources. All the available sources are listed in Cydia and you can install them over Cydia.

    • Very cool! – by the way it works great! Cannot see how this could nuke your iphone into a restore LOL Steve

  7. nice

  8. Just downloaded this on my iPhone 1.1.4 from Cydia and works great.

  9. Funny thing about this… Well I think its funny. When I went to 2.0 and restored from my backup, my old MIM (which is simply ‘iPhone’) came across. The only way to remove the ‘iPhone’ and have ‘AT&T’ is to do a complete restore and NOT resync using the backup. Neat glitch if you ask me!

  10. Bige2333 says

    Brooke quick question….was this added on ur iphone 3g or on ur first generation iphone… on 3g now and would like to know which iphone are these app reviews being added to =}
    i still havent jailbroken the 3g but im starting to get impatient waiting for installer lol….soon i will have to jailbreak!

    • DangerMace says

      Why are people waiting for Installer 4.0!? I just don’t understand it.

      Installer 4.0 is not going to give you anything extra over Cydia, they both do the same thing! And these days most apps are appearing on both.

      The only thing that you can’t do on Cydia (and even this isn’t really an issue and is being worked on at the moment anyway) is to be able to add new sources manually (typing them in), but as mentioned above by Philip Scherer you can add sources that have been sent into the Cydia team in the same way you can install new apps. Just look in the Repositories folder!

    • Bige2333 says

      Geez take a chill pill! lol someone seems to be taking the topic too serious….its not like im waiting religiously for installer to come out….i just havent had time since im always working ok buddy, anyways jailbreak here i come!! =]

  11. Steve – I find it hard to believe make it mine could cause you to have to restore!

  12. This app was cool on my jailbroken ipod touch but….. it is permanent. When i restored my ipod in the top corner it didnt say ipod anymore. it said kubes (what i put my carrier as) This is cool yet annoying because i have the app store so i cannot change what it says at the top! choose wisely!

    • All you would have to do is Restore the iPod and NOT choose the backup… Sucks cause you’ll lose everything but it’s the only way to flash the ‘iPod’ back on it. It happened to me when I had to take my 1st gen iPhone in for repair.

  13. did mine .. and like em’

  14. Quick question, does it work with firmware 2.1 and iPhone 3G?

    This was my favourite app on my previous iPhone.

  15. hey i saw a screenshot (dontremember where) and the time was actually offset to the right kinda liike OS X, if anyone knows the app or tweak that does this please reply!

  16. how to retain the old profile banner? i clicked the banner and it change the clock. err


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