Action Menu – Adds Additional Options to Cut, Copy and Paste Functionality

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

sesttings Action Menu is a pretty sweet mod that adds additional options to the stock Cut, Copy and Paste functionality. The mod adds the ability to Copy All, Scroll to the Top, Scroll to the Bottom, Dial and Favorites.

Once you have installed Action Menu, it can be activated in your stock Settings application. After you have activated Action Menu you can then go into any application in which the stock Cut, Copy and Paste feature works and when you tap, you will notice new options on the Cut, Copy and Paste pop-up. The new options could include; Copy All which gives you the ability to quickly copy everything without having to Select All and then select Copy, Dial which allows you to quickly call a phone number, To Bottom which will scroll you all the way to the bottom of the page, To Top which will scroll you all the way to the top of the page and Favorites which allows you to add the selected text to a clipboard of favorites or paste text from the favorites clipboard.

The two features that I appreciate the most are the To Bottom feature, due to the fact that it seems to be the only way to quickly scroll to the bottom of a page, and the Favorites feature because it allows you to save text that you use often and then allows you to quickly paste it without having to copy it first. [Read more…]

iPhone 3GS Commerical – Copy and Paste

We posted a sneak peak of this commercial a few days ago…below is a better quality version.

Firmware 3.0 Preview: Copy & Paste

AppleOne of the longest awaited features of the iPhone is copy and paste. It works really well but does not work in all apps as claimed by Apple in the most recent announcement at the WWDC 2009 Keynote. Just hold down your finger to get the magnifying glass and place the cursor where you want to copy. When you let go you’ll get the option to Select, Select All, and Paste. It’s really easy to highlight what you want to copy, just drag the beginning and end points around until the text you want is selected. And, if you want more text selected, like from a web page, just drag up or down until the highlighted area turns into a box. Then drag the whole box around what you want highlighted.

A very nice feature is the clipboard holds rich text and pictures. Depending on where you are pasting it, you can paste font color, size, pictures, etc. that is pulled from email or a website. There are many webpages that I’m not able to copy from and they are usually the ones specifically formatted for an iPhone. Not sure why this is but the copy feature doesn’t even show up. [Read more…]

hClipboard – Copy and Paste Application

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

hclipboard I wrote, a few days ago, that we would soon be seeing a new copy and paste application. It was actually released the next day! Well, I have finally had a chance to check it and so far, I like it.

When you install hClipboard, you will first need to enable it in your Settings. To do so, go into your stock Settings application, General, Keyboard, International Keyboards and then turn on hClipboard. Now, in order to use the application you will need to be in an app that uses the keyboard…for example Notes. To enable hClipboard, select the Globe icon on your Keyboard. You will now see the hClipboard keyboard.

hclipboard00-2 hclipboard00-22
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Another Copy and Paste App Coming Soon – Clipboard

Clipboard We recently wrote a post about a nice copy and paste application called Clippy…check it out here. Well, it seems that there is another copy and paste app called Clipboard in the making! It is not quite ready for Cydia (though, we should see it in the next few days). Clipboard also seems to use the keyboard as the method for launching the application though, the interface is different than Clippy. For more info, you can check out the app’s wiki page. But, until it is available in Cydia and I can test it, I can’t tell you how it will compare to Clippy.

Thanks to Manfred for the tip!

Clippy Beta – Copy and Paste Application

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Clippy Beta We are finally getting closer to how copy and paste should work!! Clippy Beta is a very cool copy and paste application available through the iSpazio source. When you install Clippy Beta, it will automatically add the copy and paste features to your iPhone or iPod Touch’s keyboard.

Now, how to use copy and paste! Once the application is installed and your SpringBoard has respring, you can go into an application in which you use your keyboard (Notes, Safari, Email….). To enable the copy and paste options, select the 123 icon on your keyboard. This will bring you to your numeric keyboard and will also add the options copy and paste to the top of the keyboard. To copy text, just tap at the beginning of where you would like to copy and drag your finger to the end of where you would like to copy. This will highlight the text in grey. You can then select copy. The text you have copied will display in the blank area next to the paste button on your keyboard. Now, you can paste the text into almost any application in which the keyboard is used. For example, I was able to copy text from a note I created on my iPhone and paste it into an email, a Twitter application, Google search in Safari, search in the iTunes app….etc. One cool feature of the application is that it keeps your most recent copied text available to be pasted. So, you can copy something and then paste it mulitple places without having to go back and recopy it! [Read more…]

pastebud – Copy and Paste for the iPhone – Step by Step Instructions

pastebud I’m sure many of you have heard about pastebud releasing copy and paste today for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Well, I finally had a chance to test it for myself. Below are instructions on how to set-up and use pastebud’s copy and paste technique.

The pastebud method of copy and paste allows you to copy and paste between Safari and Mail. This is basically achieved using a series of bookmarks via Safari. The initial set-up can be a little tricky (I will walk to through it) but, after that, it is a very sleek and smooth process!

For those of you concerned about the security of using this method…here is what pastebud has to say about that, [Read more…]

TextGuru 1.0.7 and 1.1 Preview

Available In: App Store       Price: $4.99  

TextGuruTextGuru is a pretty sweet text editor. It included features like cut, copy and paste within the app. It can also read Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint files along with PDFs. Don’t be mistaken like others, this app only READS the previously named file types, but does not edit them.

What’s nice is you can install a program on your computer from their download page that allows synchronization of documents to your iPhone. This works with OSX Leopard or Tiger and Windows Vista or XP. [Read more…]

Open Source Solution for Copy & Paste

openclipApple has slacked on the copy and paste feature for the iPhone. One app, MagicPad, made it available but it only worked within itself. Now, Zac White figured out how to implement copy and paste on any iPhone App without violating the iPhone SDK agreement. It’s called OpenClip and developers can add it to any app. Since it’s open source it could be added to both App Store and Jailbroken apps. Cali Lewis from shows a demo of it on her latest show. She also has an audio only interview with Zac here:

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