hClipboard – Copy and Paste Application

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

hclipboard I wrote, a few days ago, that we would soon be seeing a new copy and paste application. It was actually released the next day! Well, I have finally had a chance to check it and so far, I like it.

When you install hClipboard, you will first need to enable it in your Settings. To do so, go into your stock Settings application, General, Keyboard, International Keyboards and then turn on hClipboard. Now, in order to use the application you will need to be in an app that uses the keyboard…for example Notes. To enable hClipboard, select the Globe icon on your Keyboard. You will now see the hClipboard keyboard.

hclipboard00-2 hclipboard00-22
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Another Copy and Paste App Coming Soon – Clipboard

Clipboard We recently wrote a post about a nice copy and paste application called Clippy…check it out here. Well, it seems that there is another copy and paste app called Clipboard in the making! It is not quite ready for Cydia (though, we should see it in the next few days). Clipboard also seems to use the keyboard as the method for launching the application though, the interface is different than Clippy. For more info, you can check out the app’s wiki page. But, until it is available in Cydia and I can test it, I can’t tell you how it will compare to Clippy.

Thanks to Manfred for the tip!