Another Copy and Paste App Coming Soon – Clipboard

Clipboard We recently wrote a post about a nice copy and paste application called Clippy…check it out here. Well, it seems that there is another copy and paste app called Clipboard in the making! It is not quite ready for Cydia (though, we should see it in the next few days). Clipboard also seems to use the keyboard as the method for launching the application though, the interface is different than Clippy. For more info, you can check out the app’s wiki page. But, until it is available in Cydia and I can test it, I can’t tell you how it will compare to Clippy.

Thanks to Manfred for the tip!

Clippy Beta – Copy and Paste Application

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Clippy Beta We are finally getting closer to how copy and paste should work!! Clippy Beta is a very cool copy and paste application available through the iSpazio source. When you install Clippy Beta, it will automatically add the copy and paste features to your iPhone or iPod Touch’s keyboard.

Now, how to use copy and paste! Once the application is installed and your SpringBoard has respring, you can go into an application in which you use your keyboard (Notes, Safari, Email….). To enable the copy and paste options, select the 123 icon on your keyboard. This will bring you to your numeric keyboard and will also add the options copy and paste to the top of the keyboard. To copy text, just tap at the beginning of where you would like to copy and drag your finger to the end of where you would like to copy. This will highlight the text in grey. You can then select copy. The text you have copied will display in the blank area next to the paste button on your keyboard. Now, you can paste the text into almost any application in which the keyboard is used. For example, I was able to copy text from a note I created on my iPhone and paste it into an email, a Twitter application, Google search in Safari, search in the iTunes app….etc. One cool feature of the application is that it keeps your most recent copied text available to be pasted. So, you can copy something and then paste it mulitple places without having to go back and recopy it! [Read more…]