Firmware 3.0 Preview: Calendar

calendarThe Calendar application for firmware 3.0 didn’t have a lot of changes but there are some pretty important ones. Starting with the ability to add Invitees to your event. Just tap it and it lets you pick from your contact list. Next is Availability. This shows if you are busy, free, tentative or out of office. These two little feature make Calendar a little nicer, but there’s one more. A pretty big feature is the ability to search. At the top of “list view” there is a search box. Just start typing and it will show you results. This is all very useful to those of you using your iPhone for business. Overall the app stayed pretty much the same with some new features. Let me know in the comments what else you think the Calendar App should have as features.

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  1. i love the calender app it is great. but it would be amazing if it apple did the whole calender on the lock screen thing. i know that i can have it cause my iphone is jailbroken but i think that apple should include it as a option for all users.

  2. This isn’t working with my 3.0 calendar, are you using exchange? I’m not…

  3. no landscape for calendar?

  4. I think they should add a landscape view in calendar where you can see your events in week view :)

    • the week view would be really great.
      I thought apple would close this gap with the next FW-update.
      unfortunately they didn’t…

  5. Are links and phone numbers clickable in calendar items? Apple seem to have left this basic function out!

    • It underlines the URL and turns it blue but it doesn’t look like you can touch it to automatically go to it. You can go to the edit screen to copy it so you can paste it in safari though. As for the phone number there is no way to paste that into the phone app.

    • My calendar items are pushed across via exchange and as they are created by a different department I don’t have permissions to edit them so the edit button is disabled, at least on OS2.

      They have added link and phone highlighting on nearly every other app!

  6. Looks like the upcoming calendar app won’t display events on the lock screen… Like jailbroken iPhones do with the tremendous “lock calendar”… So sad.

  7. The calendar subscriptions is also a great new feature. In the later firmwares it hasn’t been possible to show the adressbook birthdays in the iphone calendar. Now I just subscribe to Adressbook birthdays in iCal on my Mac and they also show up on my iPhone finally:)

  8. Does anyone know how I can make my iPhone calender START the weeks with Sunday? It ends the weeks with Sunday, and it’s really throwing me off.

  9. Richard Bratko says

    When adding appointments on the iPhone, you can only set the times in 5 minute intervals, yet alarms can be set to 1 minute intervals. Yes, appointments in Microsoft Outlook can be set in 1 miunte intervals and you can synchronise with the iPhone, but it would be useful to do this on the iPhone. Alarms generally do not require a degree of accuracy of 1 minute, yet appointments do, e.g. train times, flights, etc.

  10. in fw 3.0 you can even add calendar subscriptions for ICS calendars, like google calendar! btw, unfortunately you cannot add a new event to a subscribed calendar from your phone. subscribed calendars could be set to sync automatically however, hourly/daily/weekly/manually. just take a look at un settings / mail, contacts, calendars / add account / other. :)

  11. I hate when adding an event in iPhone calendar u have to manually set a reminder or alert. In outlook it’s default at 15minutes. I have missed an event or two because of this!

  12. Can the alarm be extended so that you have to actually turn it off like you do for the normal clock/alarm app?
    I find it very frustrating that i can miss some alerts because the alarm only goes off once and for a couple of seconds, if the phone is in another room you can easily miss theses alerts but if the alarm continued either until you turn it off or last a minute or so then repeat in another minute etc

  13. Jayson Shannon says

    Will the iphone calender ever have the snooze option for an event so it will keep reminding you like blackberry and outlook does?

  14. what about Week View? – this seems an obvious oversight from Apple! I have it in iCal, I have it in MS Outlook – so why cant i have it on my iPhone? C’mon Apple – it cant be that hard to add in….

  15. When will we be able to have a Calendar alert vibrate instead of audibly notify us? Business users who are in meetings all day must turn iPhone off to avoid unwanted alert sounds. Would be MUCH better to give us the option to have alerts vibrate.

  16. How do I set the alert between “2 hours before” and “1 day before”. For example, I have a meeting at 8:30am tomorrow, I want the iphone to remind me before the end of business today, so I will know there is a meeting first thing tomorrow moring. I could do that in outlook, but not able to find the option in iPhone calendar to do a half day before or 8 hours before, something like that. Is iPhone work like this or I missed something?

  17. The calendar app should have a preview function on the lock screen. So without opening the calendar you know what are the next couple events on your schedule

  18. Wiger Toods says

    Not sure if this thread is still active, but here are my comments. I would like to set a reacurring appointment for the 2nd monday of every month. However the calender app treats the reocurrance based on the day of the month (i.e. on the 11th of every month).

  19. It needs a custom repeat option. My hubby is a firefighter working every 3rd day and there is not way to add his schedule.