Firmware 3.0 Preview: YouTube

YouTubeA lot of people have been having trouble getting YouTube to work during the Beta process of the iPhone 3.0 firmware. With the 3rd beta, most have claimed it works again. Now that it does, we can show you what’s new so far. First, when seeing the details of a video, the info isn’t displayed right under the video thumbnail any more. You must tap the blue arrow which will bring you to a screen with two options, Info or More Videos. These tabs have a lot more features than before like rating, commenting and flagging videos. You can also see all the other comments on the video which you couldn’t do before. The More Video tab shows you more videos by the same user and the option to subscribe to that users videos.

When viewing lists of videos, such as the Most Viewed tab, the title of videos is now allowed two lines of text instead of one. Also, the Bookmarks tab is gone. It is no longer needed now that you can log in and access your subscriptions, playlists and favorites. Overall the app seemed a bit faster along with the new features. Now we just need the ability to record videos from our iPhone and send them right to YouTube!


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  1. im so glad they allowed you to be able to sign in to your account!

  2. One great think youtube favorites synchronize with youtube server. This mean if you restore phone and log in, you have all favorite.

  3. Ya this is seriously awesome, FINALLY I can actually rate, and comment and see my favourites ect this just makes my youtube experience a lot better. I hope I also can accept people who want to be friends and subscribe to others as well.

  4. can you search with most viewed/most recent and all thoose options?


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