Firmware 3.0 Preview: Camera

CameraI really, really wish Apple would have fixed one thing with the Camera app. Make the whole screen the button to take the picture. Then, when you’re taking a self portrait, you don’t have to find the button. The new features are all pretty small compared to other firmware 3.0 features but nice improvements. Instead of the blue box in the bottom left corner, which takes you to the camera roll, there is now a preview of the last picture you took. Tapping on it still takes you to the camera roll. Also, when in the camera roll, instead of tapping on the little camera icon to get back to the camera, you now tap “done”.

Another feature that involves the camera is the home settings in your Settings app. You can now set the double tapping of the home button to open the camera app. This is nice when you want to take a picture real quick. Now you can get to it fast from anywhere. I’m still not sure why Apple doesn’t give you the choice of any app here, but more is always better.

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  1. you should open a picture then turn the phone sideways and see how the bar at the bottom and top now flips with the picture and is no longer sideways – add a screenshot of that

  2. why can’t day raise the quality of the picture??? now that would be a great update.

  3. The picture quality is a hardware problem (the camera itself), not the software on the iPhone.

    It’s cool to see these little improvements.

    Did they change Safari at all? My main thing is battery life. Mine sucks!

  4. TIP: To easily take a self portrait, hold the shutter button down, turn the iPhone around, smile, then release the button to capture a picture. This is much easier that blindly searching for the button when it’s turned around. I still agree that the entire screen should be a button though.

  5. Most people don’t realise that the camera takes a picture when your finger LEAVES the screen button, not touches it.

    When you know this it makes taking pictures so much easier.

    Try it and see.
    Open the camera app, touch and hold the button.
    No picture is taken.
    Frame your shot.
    Now release your finger and voila!. A snap.
    And much less shake.

    If the whole screen was used as a button there’d be many more complaints about taking shots you didn’t mean to. That’s why Apple designed it the way they did. They’ve just failed to communicate it properly.

  6. I think the Iphone camera does a great job, for it being a camera phone,i have had a few pda phones and they do not compare to this iphone camera. I have taken decent pictures from a camera phone at a concert.

    Thanks Pete for the tip, i never realized that, but i tried it,awesome.

    But what is with the Camera Would Like To Find Your Location? This is soo annoying everytime you want to take a picture.

    Thanks again everyone!

  7. still can not zoom???

    • Get SNAPTURE it has many missing features… Zoom, Sepia/B&W, Multiple pics
      and heaps more features

      Need jailbroken iphone tho


    • Snapture has a lot of great features, but I’ve found it to be pretty buggy. It always seems to run out of memory and crash on me after taking a few photos. Unfortunately, it has become annoying enough that I’ve gone back to the stock camera app for the most part.


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