FontSwap Update – Fixes Default Alignment Issues

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FontSwap The update to version 1.5 of FontSwap does a few things. First off, it adds a new Restore Default Fonts option which allows you to change all fonts back to default at once (instead of having to go into each option and change them back to default one at a time). It also fixes the default alignment issues. Now, when you go back to the default system font, the badge, time…etc are all aligned correctly. YAY! [Read more…]

Fix For FontSwap Alignment Problems on 3.0 Firmware

FonwSwapJust a quick update about the problems we were having with the alignment of fonts on 3.0 firmware. The other day I noticed that when I set my system font back to default with FontSwap, the alignment was off on my badges, clock, toggle switches and more. Even after uninstalling the app I still had problems. I figured out that if I used the stock font from 3.0 firmware and SSH’d it in the “default” folder of FontSwap it would fix the problem. I’m assuming that the developer just left the 2.0 firmware font in the default folder instead of using the 3.0 font. If you need the original you can download it here:

FontSwap Font: DroidSans (Google Android Font)

FontSwapNow that FontSwap is working for firmware 3.0 I tried it out for the first time. I’ve never really changed the font of my iPhone in the past but I thought I would today. The first thing I noticed was there were only a few options that came with the app so I started looking in Cydia for some more. There were a few more but a few sources weren’t working and I just wasn’t satisfied with the choices. Then a local tweep (twitter acquaintance) posted a screenshot of his iPhone with the Google Android font. I asked him where he got it and he pointed me to the MacThemes forum. Someone who was porting over fonts had recent done the Android font. You can download it here: [Read more…]

FontSwap Update – Works on Firmware 3.0 *Updated

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FontSwap FontSwap has been updated to version 1.4 and it now works on firmware 3.0. When I tested it, I was able to change the Dialer/Calculator, LockClock, Note and System fonts and then change them back to the default font (using the app) with no problem. [Read more…]

Work Around for FontSwap on 3.0 Firmware

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FontSwap Those of you who use FontSwap, an application that allows you to change the fonts on your iPhone or iPod Touch, probably know that the app has not been updated to work on the 3.0 firmware. When I tested FontSwap on an iPhone running 3.0, it did not crash the device (as some claim it has done) however, the fonts did not change. I did some searching and found a way to make it work manually. This method requires ssh and overwriting of files so, make sure you are comfortable with both those things before you begin. The instructions below were originally written by dazzastark (via modmyi)…I did make a few modifications to them. There is a link to the original post below the instructions. [Read more…]

FontSwap Fonts – Preview of all the Fonts

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fontswap Below are screenshots of all the LockScreen, Notes and System font options that come stock with the FontSwap 1.0b application. The first screenshot will show the title of the font highlighted in blue…the screenshots following that are in that font. This can get a little confusing in the System Font screenshots. Just remember…blue highlight then screenshots of the font.
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FontSwap – Change the Fonts on your iPhone or iPod Touch

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FontSwap Well, it seems that FontSwap has made it’s way to firmware 2.x. A different icon, a much different user interface but overall, the same idea. The application opens to the main menu where you will find four options; Dialer Fonts, LockClock Fonts, Notes Fonts and System Fonts. The Dialer Fonts will change the font of your keypad when you dial a phone number. The LockClock Fonts will change the font of the clock on your lock screen. The Notes Fonts will change the font within your Notes application and the System Fonts change basically everything else. The system font includes your icon labels, pop-up font, font in all your menus, font within applications (ex. Settings, WinterBoard)….basically all other font on your iPhone or iPod Touch. [Read more…]

FontSwap 0.1b-1

FontSwap FontSwap is an app that allows you to change your Lock Clock font, your Notes font and your System font. When you install FontSwap you will get a pop-up just before it finishes installing…it is a very important warning…please be sure to read it before you tap Ok (see screenshots below). The app opens to a menu with the three options of fonts you can change; Lock Clock Font which changes the font of your clock when your iPhone is locked, Notes Font which changes the font in your Notes app and System Font which changes pretty much all other font…including the font on your Spring Board, in the, in your Settings app…pretty much every where. Just tap on one of the three options and it will bring you to a list of fonts you can choose from…there are quite a few options. Scroll through until you find the one you would like [Read more…]