Kusari 1.1

Kusari Kusari is pretty simple but addicting. You basically want to get the most counters cleared as you can. You start by choosing one of the 9 center counters. You want to choose arrows that will make the longest path to clear the most counters. Available through iPod Touched source. Here’s a video and screenshots:

Watch Kusari 1.1 from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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From iPod Touch Fans to BigBoss

Skylar has recently taken his iPod Touch Fans source out of Community Sources due to the fact that has does not have the time necessary to keep up with it. In doing this, BigBoss is now hosting the applications from the iPod Touch Fans source. Below is the list of applications that have been moved to the BigBoss source.

iZooiZoo – Fun game in the style of Zoo Keeper/Bejeweled.

NOIZ2SANOIZ2SA. – Exciting sidescroller shooter game. Port of NOIZ2SA

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rRootage 1.0

rRootage This game is similar NOIZ2SA (Yep, another shootemup!). The main menu allows you to choose from four different games modes and 10 levels with-in each game mode. Once you select which game mode and level you would like, just two finger tap to enter the game. You can move your little guy at the bottom by dragging it around. The objective of the game is to shoot the “thing” at the top without getting killed. You can two finger tap to set off bombs (they look more like shields to me!). [Read more…]

PocketTouch 1.2

PocketTouch Version 1.2 of PocketTouch makes a few subtle but sleek changes. When playing a song…the Title of the song is now bolder…making it much easier to read and the Now Playing is smaller. Also, the Settings Menu is now black instead of grey and had a few font changes…a much cleaner look, I like it. Other than that…the app still works the same! PocketTouch is avialble through the iPod Touch Fans source.
PocketTouch 1.2 PocketTouch 1.2 PocketTouch 1.2

PocketTouch 1.1

PocketTouch There are quite a few new options with version 1.1 of PocketTouch. I love the new main play screen. You will notice a little play arrow in the upper left corner…this displays whether the song is playing or is paused. It now also displays the time of the song, the volume in percentage and an info button which brings you to the Settings. There are a few new options in the Settings. You are now able to turn off the volume HUD (that is the image that you get then you turn the volume up and down), swap your swipe settings so that the volume change is horizontally and the song change is vertical, and enable a Shake option. When you turn Shaker on… [Read more…]

Drummer 1.0

Drummer Drummer is a drum emulator by MooTheCow. When the application is open there are fifteen boxes that have labels like “Crash” or “Snare 1”. Tapping on each box gives you a specific drum noise. You are able to tap five boxes at the same time. There are five different drum sets: Dance, Jazz 1, Jazz 2, Rock, and Electro. All the sounds are high quality, and they are very close to the real thing. The help section tells you how to use the application in case you do not know how to, and there is a donation reminder. The thing that I love most about this application [Read more…]

PocketTouch 1.0b

PocketTouch PocketTouch is a music controller made by the one and only Skylar. PocketTouch allows you to control your music with simple swipes, the best part is that you can leave it in your pocket while doing it. The biggest complaint with the iPod Touch/iPhone is that there is no external button in order to control your music. PocketTouch solves these problems in a different way. [Read more…]

NOIZ2SA v1.0

NOIZ2SAThis is a highly addictive 2D shooter game, by iPodTouchFans source. I played for about an hour before I made myself sit down and write this up. :P The application opens up to a name prompt, so when you are done you can actually submit your scores online to see how you rank. Then you get to the level select screen, it seemed a little shaky to me, but basically you tap th level you want. Now you are a flying red dot with a shield that rotates around you. You move the ‘fighter dot’ with your finger, up, down, left, and right. You get points by [Read more…]

StatusStyle 2.4.1

StatusStyle Version 2.4.1 of StatusStyle works MUCH better for me! Not only can I now change both my Carrier and Time text…I can also turn them off with no problem. I was able to change my Carrier to Test and my Time to Testing. Then, I went back into the app and turned both the Carrier and the Time text off and they both went back to my stock settings with no issue. So far, this version works exactly how it should… [Read more…]

Community Sources 3.7

There is an update in the Installer.app to Community Sources version 3.7. The previous version of the Community Sources (version 3.6) included the Conceited Software, Ste Packaging, ModMyiFone.com and BigBoss’s Apps and Things (BigBoss for short) sources…the update adds the iPod Touch Fans source to the Community Sources. The url for the iPod Touch Fans source is – www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml. Below are the screenshots: [Read more…]

StatusStyle 2.4

StatusStyle Version 2.4 of StatusStyle actually works a little better for me…though not perfectly yet. I was able to change my carrier logo and time text. However, I was not able to turn off the time text that I had set…I changed it to Testing and then when I turned off the Time Text it just stayed as Testing. This was last night…so, I woke up this morning and was playing with it a little more and the Time finally went back to normal….but, [Read more…]

FontSwap 0.1b-1

FontSwap FontSwap is an app that allows you to change your Lock Clock font, your Notes font and your System font. When you install FontSwap you will get a pop-up just before it finishes installing…it is a very important warning…please be sure to read it before you tap Ok (see screenshots below). The app opens to a menu with the three options of fonts you can change; Lock Clock Font which changes the font of your clock when your iPhone is locked, Notes Font which changes the font in your Notes app and System Font which changes pretty much all other font…including the font on your Spring Board, in the Installer.app, in your Settings app…pretty much every where. Just tap on one of the three options and it will bring you to a list of fonts you can choose from…there are quite a few options. Scroll through until you find the one you would like [Read more…]

StatusStyle 2.3

StatusStyle The only change I can see for version 2.3 of StatusStyle is the fact that it has a new icons (which is very nice). However, I still have the same problems as before…the Carrier Text and the Time Text still do not change. Changing the StatusBar works just fine but, nothing else does…slightly frustrating because I really like this app!! And, [Read more…]

StatusStyle 2.2

StatusStyleVersion 2.2 or StatusStyle adds some really cool new features. Not only can you change your StatusBar you can now change your Carrier Text and your Time Text!! However, when I tried to change my Carrier Text…it didn’t change, even after a few tries and restarting my iPhone…then when I went back in and turned it off it erased my current custom carrier logo and set it back to the stock AT&T. Nor did it change my Time Text…though changing the StatusBar still works. The previous version of this app made it compatible with all versions of firmware so, it shouldn’t be caused by the fact that I am running 1.1.1. Hopefully [Read more…]

1.1.3 SMB Theme Fix on Installer.app

IconiPod Touch Fans have added a 1.1.3 SummerBoard themes fix called “1.1.3 Theme Fix” to their repo. It can be found in Installer.app under the category “Tweaks (1.1.3)”. Install it once, then every time you add a new theme through the Installer.app go to the uninstall list in Installer and “reinstall” the 1.1.3 Theme Fix, similar to how you reinstall BSD Subsystems.

This is just a code application, you will not see anything on your Springboard!

Basically it just runs the script I showed you before every time you ‘reinstall’ this app. Nice, quick, and easy for those who are scared of running a command line script. Some screen shots after the break. [Read more…]