Community Sources 3.7

There is an update in the to Community Sources version 3.7. The previous version of the Community Sources (version 3.6) included the Conceited Software, Ste Packaging, and BigBoss’s Apps and Things (BigBoss for short) sources…the update adds the iPod Touch Fans source to the Community Sources. The url for the iPod Touch Fans source is – Below are the screenshots:

Community Sources 3.7 Community Sources 3.7 Community Sources 3.7

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  1. Hey brooke if you have a chance can you help me with Skylar customize i need to know where i can get it is not on ipod touch fans source anymore????

  2. ummmmm, is anyone else frustrated by modmyifone’s refusal to update the GD gpSPhone to the correct and current version.. Im sick of this update alert!!! can’t get myself to uninstall the source…

  3. thanks Rodizzle i got it and is working perfect!!!!!!!!! :-)

  4. Rodizzle says

    “ramon ” thats great hear , i cant seem to ake it work. im on F.W 1.1.3 and run the updated installer.

  5. I stuck in 3rd parties Notice massage before update
    the OK bottom is not working and I don’t have access to installer