Kusari 1.1

Kusari Kusari is pretty simple but addicting. You basically want to get the most counters cleared as you can. You start by choosing one of the 9 center counters. You want to choose arrows that will make the longest path to clear the most counters. Available through iPod Touched source. Here’s a video and screenshots:

Watch Kusari 1.1 from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. To be honest…I don’t really get the aim of the game…

  2. By the way: Whats the source?

  3. Is the “www.touchrepo.com/repo.xml ” right source? Under Source tab, it says “This is outdated” and also I can’t find Kusari in All Packages.

  4. Hey everytime i try downloading it says error… anybody else getting that problem?

    • Error on download… :-(

    • tonyc311 says

      I was able to download version 1.0 with no problem when it first released. An update to version 1.1 appeared in Installer but it says error each time I try to update. I noticed the update is significantly bigger than 1.0 (800+KB for version 1.0 and 4.5MB for version 1.1).

  5. Yeah, I also get error when I tried to download it.

  6. Hey just reinstall the community sources, that worked for me

  7. I’ll get bored of this game within 10 minutes. Zzzzz…

  8. Well the real (bug fixed) version came out today…..

    …..it suddenly started appearing on people’s websites as a new game. My
    intention was always to release a stable version through Ste
    Packaging….. Ste put the up-to-date version (the real v1.0) up on
    his Installer repository today, so if the loader screen doesn’t have
    the red Kusari “badge” on it, you’re playing the older, buggy version.

    So there is no version 2, just the buggy version (no version ID) and
    the stable one (v1.0)…hope that clears things up!

  9. I was only able to get a high score of 12,872
    Any others?