StatusStyle 2.3

StatusStyle The only change I can see for version 2.3 of StatusStyle is the fact that it has a new icons (which is very nice). However, I still have the same problems as before…the Carrier Text and the Time Text still do not change. Changing the StatusBar works just fine but, nothing else does…slightly frustrating because I really like this app!! And, as cool as a new icon is, I was so excited to install the update because I thought it was a fix!! :( StatusStyle is available through the iPod Touch Fans source. Below is the screenshot:

StatusStyle 2.3

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  1. I tried it and it completely reset my springboard and rearranged all my icons without changing the status bar.

  2. The same thing happened to me (spring reset, no change in status bar color, carrier text and time text).

    • Same here. Maybe the SDK will offer this =/ doesn’t matter, I just hope the SDK will offer flash, that would be great!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I had statusstyle 2.2 stuck on my iphone (1.1.3, ziphone 2.0). It wouldn’t let me uninstall it because of an error (which I know happened to quite a few people). I installed this one and it replaces the old one and allows you to uninstall them.

  4. only one screenshot?

  5. The most useless app. Nothing works. Waste of time. Developer needs to get the new FIXED version out soon before he loses all the users.

  6. Does StatusStyle 2.3 finnally work on 1.1.3 or just helps you uninstall the earlier version???

    • As far as I know it just helps you remove it off 1.1.3 if you have it stuck on there from the 2.2 update.

  7. i installed this app in my 1.1.3 and it got stuck, so i restarted my iphone and now i got stuck on the startup screen ( were u see the apple) what can i do? the only thing i can think is restore but i have important information i really new on it

  8. i can’t ssh because its stuck at the apple logo, so it doesnt connect to my wireless network, but when i connect it to my computer itunes recognize the iphone, what would habppen if i restore it without putting my iphone in dfu mode??

    • You can should still be able to put your iPhone into recovery mode…just plug it into a power source (computer or wall….make sure iTunes is closed if it is plugged into your computer) hold the HomeButton and the Lock button at the same time until you get the iTunes logo then open iTunes and it should recognize that your iPhone is in recovery mode. Make sure you restore you the version you want…like 1.1.1 or 1.1.3 or whatever. See THIS post on more info on how to restore your iPhone.

  9. The two main differences between 2.2 and 2.3 are
    1) The Application should not cause your SpringBoard icons and settings to reset IF you have BSD Subsystem properly installed.
    2) The Application became smart enough to detect what firmware you are on, and it modifies the correct user’s springboard.plist: root for older firmwares, mobile for newer firmwares (run the app via SSH and watch its output for confirmation).

    Now, in version 2.4, which I just released a few minutes ago, I think I finally found the cause of the bug that didn’t let Custom Carrier/Time work for some (the majority of) users. It was a tough one for me to pin down because neither I, not my beta testers had the problem occur.

    Regardless, it should work perfectly now. If not, email me at the email in Installer’s contact information for StatusStyle. Believe it or not, I do read every email I get…

    Also, with version 2.4, I also added the ability to live test the chosen StatusBar with your current wallpaper before you actually set it. If people think this add on is worth it, then I will improve it as best I can.

    I am curious though on your opinions about the fade in/out of preview mode. Should it be faster, slower, should I use another animation entirely, like Maps’ page curl? I’m still going back and forth on that whole issue.

    Thank you,

    And as always, feel free to shoot me an email.

    • Sorry, but on 3.9 bootloader, 1.1.4 firmware, it’s the same old thing. Nothing really works, and SpringBoard icons were reset.

  10. StatusStyle 2.4.1 installed on iphone 1.1.4 but when i uninstalled, my status bar could not be back in original. what i do ?