StatusStyle 2.2

StatusStyleVersion 2.2 or StatusStyle adds some really cool new features. Not only can you change your StatusBar you can now change your Carrier Text and your Time Text!! However, when I tried to change my Carrier Text…it didn’t change, even after a few tries and restarting my iPhone…then when I went back in and turned it off it erased my current custom carrier logo and set it back to the stock AT&T. Nor did it change my Time Text…though changing the StatusBar still works. The previous version of this app made it compatible with all versions of firmware so, it shouldn’t be caused by the fact that I am running 1.1.1. Hopefully we see another update soon…this app has potential. StatusStyle is available through the iPod Touch Fans source. Below are the screenshots.

StatusStyle 2.2 StatusStyle 2.2 StatusStyle 2.2 StatusStyle 2.2 StatusStyle 2.2

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  1. i just wanted to say im running a 1.1.2 firmware on my ipod touch and the carrier logo as well as setting the fake time doesnt work. so i use customize to set the carrier logo and advance preferences to set the fake time. it would be nice to see this application work properly as well as the addition of different color style bars.

  2. I’m running 1.1.3 firmware (ziphone 2.0 jailbreak) on my iphone. Status style 2.2 does not work with 1.1.3. I tried to restart the phone and it still does not work. I dont know why they are saying it is compatible with 1.1.3. If u know the solution give me a shout.

    • I installed it on my 1.1.3 Ziphone 2.0 and I got a script error but now it is on my phone, it doesn’t work, and I can’t install it. Thanks for the heads up.

    • Just downloaded version 2.3, still does not work with 1.1.3. If you use it, it automatically rearranges your icons and still does not affect the status bar….oh well maybe the SDK will fix this =/

  3. Same here, downloaded and i got a main script execution error when it was trying to install the program. the icon and whatever it installed is on my phone now and i have no option to uninstall it.

    same thing happened with the TTR 1.1.3 patch

  4. This is interesting. I personally tested this application on 1.1.1 through 1.1.3 before releasing it and I had no issues whatsoever. And after moving to 1.1.4, I got the Carrier issue for the first time.

    I think I might know what the problem is, and I will be rewriting that section of the Application for the next release. I have to put something else together that people on the touchfans forum have requested, then I will be free to spend some serious time thinking about this application.

    Thanks for trying this app,