StatusStyle 2.4.1

StatusStyle Version 2.4.1 of StatusStyle works MUCH better for me! Not only can I now change both my Carrier and Time text…I can also turn them off with no problem. I was able to change my Carrier to Test and my Time to Testing. Then, I went back into the app and turned both the Carrier and the Time text off and they both went back to my stock settings with no issue. So far, this version works exactly how it should…I am running 1.1.1. Let me know in the comments if this version works better for you. Also, if you are wondering whether or not you should install this app…you may want to click on the StatusStyle link above and check out some of the comments…a few people have had issues with it…though this version seems much more stable than the previous versions. StatusStyle is available through the iPod Touch Fans source. Screenshots are below.

StatusStyle 2.4.1 StatusStyle 2.4.1

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  1. That link is good. And one more time, for anybody who either
    a) have an improperly installed/missing BSD subsystem,
    b) have not chowned Installer,
    your settings will be reset each time you set any option in this app.

    To fix, open up Terminal or SSH and type this command
    /bin/chmod +s /Applications/

    • I continue to get an “invalid command” message whenever I try to run the command to fix the chmod problem.

      Thank you,

  2. It Doesnt Work On My 1.1.4 FirmWare
    I Get The Same Results As The Past Version

    • PunkyPurple says

      I finally figured how to get this to work on 1.1.4. After you type:
      /bin/chmod +s /Applications/
      Go to Summerboard and use the default theme first. After that any theme you set the Springboard with will carry the status bar change you chose from StatusStyle. I was ready to give up on this but after hours of trying I got it to work. Cheers!!

  3. Neither on my 1.1.4.

  4. can this software also change something in the upperbar of the ipod touch or is it useless? can i write a carriername on my ipodtouch? hehe

  5. Still not working on 1.1.3 and it mess up all icons….

  6. doesnt work on 1.1.4

  7. It DOES WORK ON 1.1.4!!! Make sure you run this command!

    /bin/chmod +s /Applications/

    Thanks Skylar!

  8. run the command via terminal on our mac? or iphone?
    which terminal app do u recomend?

  9. You can SSH on windows or mac, on mac just use Terminal, on windows use WinSCP and PuTTy for command line.

  10. hmm
    when i try to SSH over,

    I cant login
    says my password is incorrect
    I dont even know what the pass is :(

    i really want to like this app – i think its cool, but its over the head of a iphone noob like me i think

  11. i gave up and decided to hate this app :(

  12. I’m on a 1.1.3

    Okay, where exactely do I type;

    /bin/chmod +s /Applications/

    I can’t type to the the bin dir?

    I would really like to use this app


  13. I figured out how to run

    /bin/chmod +s /Applications/

    I ran it from the / directory, but it still won’t work.

    Any suggestions?

  14. Ran the command, no go on my 1.1.4

  15. No go on my 1.1.4 either; i tried the command, and the Cydia thing previously mentioned.. I do not think it is something with permissions

  16. Severino Brazil says

    its working fine w/ me… i´m on 114…
    but just the “change StatusBar” works

  17. it doesn’t work on my 1.1.2. I was going to change the carrier, but can’t. Make It Mine also doesn’t work. Sigh.

  18. NGOPHUSAI says

    have tried:
    /bin/chmod +s /Applications/ NO WORK
    edit apple.comm.springboard.plist with SBDidShowReorderText
    using winscp go to Application then set it 0677 or checked all the boxes the first 3 lines from left to right. Its worked for me. Try it everyone

  19. It’s not working on my 1.1.4 FW. It’s a shame its features are pretty cool. :(

  20. Guys, I just did 2 steps and it worked to me.

    Step 1:
    – /bin/chmod +s /Applications/

    Step 2:
    – go to private/var/mobile/Library/Preferences
    – set 777 permission to (I used winSCP to set because I didnt know how to use SSH command correctly)

    let me know if it works.

  21. Once you get into FUGU or any other SSH program where do you type “/bin/chmod +s /Applications/”. You guys keeps saying to just type it but i have no idea where to type it.

  22. It does work!!
    Just do what Vincent says and it works perfectly!!
    Thanks Vincent!

  23. where do you type the /bin/chmod command?

  24. to CJ and bob :

    – Connect the iPhone with winSCP then press CTRL + T .
    Otherwise, just install Terminal from Installer .