From iPod Touch Fans to BigBoss

Skylar has recently taken his iPod Touch Fans source out of Community Sources due to the fact that has does not have the time necessary to keep up with it. In doing this, BigBoss is now hosting the applications from the iPod Touch Fans source. Below is the list of applications that have been moved to the BigBoss source.

iZooiZoo – Fun game in the style of Zoo Keeper/Bejeweled.

NOIZ2SANOIZ2SA. – Exciting sidescroller shooter game. Port of NOIZ2SA

PocketTouchPocketTouch – In-Pocket music controller.

rRootagerRootage – Vertical Shooter. Port of rRootage

StatusStyleStatusStyle – Tool to change SpringBoard’s Default StatusBar.

TuxPuckTuxPuck – An air hockey game/Shufflepuck Cafe clone for the iPhone/iPod Touch.

Wiki2TouchWiki2Touch – Search and read Wikipedia articles offline.

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  1. Note that I gave drummer to ModMyifone to host because he hosts Moo’s other components. So Drummer is also back in community sources.

  2. alex_dlc says

    why is there always old apps in the recent list in installer, its very annoying!

    • duplicate sources in tour list. come join me and bigbosss on #iphone

    • It’s because you still have the iPodTouchFans repo installed. Jsut remove it from your sources list and you should be all set.

  3. alex_dlc says

    thanks, and i dont know how to IRC

  4. Hi,

    Please give me the source to get the pool game for iPhone. Seems the applications have been shifted elsewhere from the old iPod touch fans repo.


  5. I cannot find iZoo!!