NOIZ2SA v1.1-2

NOIZ2SA Version 1.1-2 of NOIZ2SA improves the overall game play of the application. The graphics have been updated as well as the menu. The changes to the menu are just visual, it still has 10 levels and four endless levels. The option to submit your score online has been removed from the application…it is no longer on the lower part of the mail menu. The updates to the graphics are really nice. The overall game plays much soother now (making it even more addicting!!)! The developer also added directional shooting, you can use this by [Read more…]

NOIZ2SA v1.0

NOIZ2SAThis is a highly addictive 2D shooter game, by iPodTouchFans source. I played for about an hour before I made myself sit down and write this up. :P The application opens up to a name prompt, so when you are done you can actually submit your scores online to see how you rank. Then you get to the level select screen, it seemed a little shaky to me, but basically you tap th level you want. Now you are a flying red dot with a shield that rotates around you. You move the ‘fighter dot’ with your finger, up, down, left, and right. You get points by [Read more…]