NOIZ2SA v1.0

NOIZ2SAThis is a highly addictive 2D shooter game, by iPodTouchFans source. I played for about an hour before I made myself sit down and write this up. :P The application opens up to a name prompt, so when you are done you can actually submit your scores online to see how you rank. Then you get to the level select screen, it seemed a little shaky to me, but basically you tap th level you want. Now you are a flying red dot with a shield that rotates around you. You move the ‘fighter dot’ with your finger, up, down, left, and right. You get points by destroying the attacking ships (more like squares and other shapes). And get bonus points for gathering up the grayish colored smoke that comes from a destroyed ship. Stay away from the green dots they shot at you…if you get shot by them, the game is over! Check out the screen shots below for the developers description.


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  1. likwidfuzion says

    Tip: If NOIZ2SA keeps asking for your name when you launch it, change the owner of /Applications/ to mobile

    To do this in a terminal:

    chown mobile /Applications/

  2. I don’t see this game in the Installer…

  3. Hey Jacob, did you submit your score in endless mode? Whats your highscore name =P mine is thailar…

  4. I was number 4 on endless mode :)

  5. I havent played endless mode yet. I’ll give it a shot. veocon is my gaming tag. You should see it up near the top soon ;)

  6. Oh you boys!!

  7. Thanks for the amazingly quick review again Brooke. Glad to see you are all enjoying the game :) cheers likwidfuzion for pointing out the possible installer prob.

    • Hey awesome game Lazrhog! But darn it your really good and you are bumping me down a spot on the high scores haha ;P

    • Actually Jacob did this review…but, I did install and play the game. You boys and your shooter games!!

  8. Wadibasher says

    I tried installing this app on my unlocked 1.1.2 – 3.9 version. My phone hung and it wouldnt reboot. Rather put me on an reboot loop. Luckily iTunes detected the phone and so did iPhone browser. I wasnt sure it the problem was with memory or the app. Anyways, I used iPhonebrowser and deleted the application’s folder. Now, with great relief, my phone is back on!


    • I have no idea why it would do this. I will contact the guy that wrote the installer and see if it an installer permissions issue. There isn’t anything in the app that can cause an issue like that. Sorry.

  9. I had the same problem as Wadibasher, and solved it by SSHing in and deleting the app… Uggh! Test your apps folks before releasing them!

    • likwidfuzion says

      Sounds like you guys are having the 80 apps limit. How many apps do you have?

    • The reponse I got from asking why this would happen was this :
      “He most likely made some sort of change, then didn’t respring until installing your app. Upon respring, the change he made took effect, causing the Spinning Wheel of Death.

      The only reason an iPhone or iPod will get the Spinning Wheel of Death is because SpringBoard is looking for something that doesn’t exist, and it has no features built in to handle this kind of error, so it restarts. I suspect that Apple will fix this with 1.2, since it finally allows for more apps, but we’ll see…”

      hope that helps …. :)

    • I have 80 apps installed — what is the fix?


    • You will need to install SummerBoard version 3.2…that will fix it.

  10. Wadibasher says

    I think I have sorted the solution, apparently I had 20+ applications on my phone and this didnt allow me to install any additional apps. I had the same problem when I installed Caterpillar. I deleted few apps and tried to install additional apps. Voila!! Caterpillar installed! I havent tried installing NOIZ2SA v1.0 yet, but I think it should successfully install now.

    Is there a way to solve the restriction on installing more apps? I think I have about 100MB or possibly more on my phone memory. Therefore I dont think its the memory problem.

    Any cues? Thanks in advance!

  11. PolonusTM says

    Great game! :) I am missing some neat sound fx anyway :D


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