Armoured Shift Hits the App Store – Open-World Space Shooter

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

##ICON_NAME## Armoured Shift has finally hit the App Store! We first told you about this game almost two months ago. Armoured Shift is a “shoot’em’up” game for the iPhone and iPod touch that boasts 60 frames per second gameplay.

“The groundbreaking open-world space shooter challenges players to shoot down hordes of asteroids, enemy ships and bosses using a spaceship largely controlled by the iPhone/iPod Touch’s accelerometer. The unique tilt-based control scheme offered by Armoured Shift sets it apart from the more traditional dual-analog joystick format utilized by the majority of open-world shooters.”

Check out the Screenshots, Demo Videos, App Store Description and Press Release below for more info about the game.

Armoured Shift
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NOIZ2SA v1.1-2

NOIZ2SA Version 1.1-2 of NOIZ2SA improves the overall game play of the application. The graphics have been updated as well as the menu. The changes to the menu are just visual, it still has 10 levels and four endless levels. The option to submit your score online has been removed from the application…it is no longer on the lower part of the mail menu. The updates to the graphics are really nice. The overall game plays much soother now (making it even more addicting!!)! The developer also added directional shooting, you can use this by [Read more…]