StatusStyle 2.4

StatusStyle Version 2.4 of StatusStyle actually works a little better for me…though not perfectly yet. I was able to change my carrier logo and time text. However, I was not able to turn off the time text that I had set…I changed it to Testing and then when I turned off the Time Text it just stayed as Testing. This was last night…so, I woke up this morning and was playing with it a little more and the Time finally went back to normal….but, then I couldn’t change it back to Testing. It finally did go after a few times of respringing and resetting it. The Carrier Text seems to work fine for me though. I was able to change it to Test, change it to Brooke and turn it off with no problem. So….we are getting there, at least you are able to change the carrier logo now. StatusStyle is available through the iPod Touch Fans source. below are the screenshots.

Note: If you cannot get your Time Text to turn off (go back to stock) the developer emailed me and said that you will need to open ~Library/Preferences/ and set SBFakeTime to False.

StatusStyle 2.4 StatusStyle 2.4 StatusStyle 2.4

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  1. StatusStyle messed up my iphone i did a restore and the bar was still red so i restore to 1.1.3 and its the same
    oooooooo and advanced prefernces its the same thing it freezes when i tap on the icon on the top and if i install and uninstall it will still be there

    • Do a DFU mode restore and not normal restore.

    • Actually, no it didn’t.

      What happens is that the file that this modifies is stored in ~/Library/Preferences. Since this is in the user library, iTunes makes a backup of that file and replaces it upon restore. To fix this, just reinstall StatusStyle and select the default StatusBar style. If you don’t want to reinstall the application, you can either edit the ~/Library/Preferences/ manually to change the StatusBar.

      And of course, the easiest way to fix the problem would be to go into Settings and reset the settings..

  2. umm this doesn’t work at all for me…
    and what app is ther that could change the color of the text in the system tool bar

  3. Still doesnt work for me on 1.1.4. I run it and ‘set and respring’ and my icons list gets messed up so they are all outa order, and it erases all my alarms. :(

    Avoid this application…

    • Oh nice! Sounds like Doug’s iPhone and PhotoDial. It is crazy how iPhones react differently to apps! I seriously can’t figure it out!

    • The reason this happens is because the BSD subsystem on your phone is either missing, or improperly installed. StatusStyle calls the ‘chmod’ command directly within its coding to modify the permissions on the plist to allow for other applications to write directly to that file.

      If the chmod command is missing or corrupted (as I think it is in your situation, because Installer let you download the application), then StatusStyle hasn’t the permission to write to Sensing that that file has been “tampered with,” SpringBoard replaces it with a brand new copy. Unfortunately, that file it replaces also houses most of your other settings, including Application order, alarms, etc.

      There are ways to check to see if this is the case. First, check the permissions on the executable. They should be either 6755 or 4755. That should have been set by installer. If they aren’t, then you are most likely missing chmod.

      Next, run the app StatusStyle, but don’t change anything. You just want to run it long enough to chmod ~/Library/Preferences/ It should be almost instant, but if you want to know exactly when this happens, run the application via SSH and watch its output.

      Once has been chmodded, double check its permissions manually. They should be 666. If they are not, then your chmod is somehow corrupted.

      My recommendation in either case is to try (re)installing BSD Sybsystem. Furthermore, if you install the Cydia package manager, that removes the BSD Subsystem, but replaces it with something that actually works as intended. You could try installing Cydia and seeing if it makes a difference (it should).

      I want to apologise for the frustration,

  4. Isn’t this already a feature on the Summerboard themes? Why would you need this?

  5. Brooke. It seems that all of my beta testers either are extremely lucky, or have upgraded without telling me. Either way, when I redo the code here to try to fix the issue, I can send you the very first copy, before it gets released to anybody else.

    I value your input, and would like to get the issues worked out as soon as possible. Just email me back if you are interested.


    • is any way that sombody tell me how i can get the customize 1.21(custom)2 ?is not on ipod touch fans anymore????

  6. John Laffey says

    I have checked all my settings still not working (1.1.4) so I did a complete re-install (Ziphone) 1.1.4 as per your instructions above and it still does not work. It reset the icon order every time. I would love to use the software but resetting the phone very time is a pain. I will await the fix…


    • John, are you sure you have the permissions set correctly on the Application? They must be either 4755 or 6755. Please double check. If they are not, then run these commands in either SSH or terminal.

      /bin/chmod -R 755 /Applications/
      /bin/chmod +s /Applications/

      Then recheck the app’s permissions.

      Also, I want to apologise for using this page as a tech support board.

      Brooke, I went through my code, and as soon as I opened it up, the error glared back at me. It seems that despite the fact that I set the correct place to gather information from, I had a line left over form an older version of this app that reset that location. All tests I’ve done so far seem to have the time working very well. I was recommended to put the fix up on Installer, instead of waiting, so if you could please try it out. Look for version 2.4.1.


  7. Bige2333 says

    U can also use an app called “banner” by erica saud…i forget the whole name lol …..use it to change the time to any text u want =]

  8. Im running status style 2.4.1. on 1.1.4. and I chmodded it it 6755 but still the status bar will change within the app but when i set to repsring and set it just resets my icons and brightness but the status bar doesnt change.

  9. My 1.1.4 froze & got stuck at the boot logo after I tried to ‘Set & ReSpring’ anything. I fixed it by SSHing in (during the loading wheel at bootup) w/ USB cable in & replacing the with a good 1 (from a working 1.1.4). Good luck ! Plz. post ure results.