PocketTouch Makes it to the App Store

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##ICON_NAME## I was totally stoked to hear that PocketTouch had made it into the App Store. PocketTouch was definitely one of the most popular jailbroke applications and I always love to see those apps make it to the App Store.

For those of you unfamiliar with the app, PocketTouch is a music controller for your iPhone or iPod touch. The beauty of PocketTouch is that you can control your music without having to look at your device… all the controlling is done through taps, swipes and shaking.

Once you have a song playing in your music player, you can launch PocketTouch.
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PocketTouch 1.4.1se

PocketTouch The update to version 1.41se of PocketTouch “pays more attention to the way it looks.” I’m not exactly sure what that means but, I did notice the that transition from the Information menu to the main screen has changed…I like it, it makes me laugh. Try it…I guarantee it will make you smile! I also noticed a two other small visual changes; when you pause a song, the play icon is no longer displayed at the top and when you are in the menu the song and artist are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Though, those could have been there before and I jsut didn’t notice them! Skylar, let me know in the comments if I missed something. PocketTouch is available through the BigBoss source.

PocketTouch 1.4.1se

PocketTouch 1.4.1

PocketTouch The update to PocketTouch makes only one visual change to the application and that is the addition of a Volume Sensitivity option in the Settings menu. This allows you to choose between three levels of sensitivity; 1, 2 or 3. 1 being the most sensitive and 3 being the least sensitive. 1 is the least sensitive, 2 has twice the sensitivity and 3 has three times the sensitivity of 1. There were also some bug fixes, enhancements and added language translations. See complete change log below. PocketTouch is avilable through the BigBoss source.

1.4 Change Log:
    • Completely reworked volume controller. This answers a long time request for more constant volume control while eliminating an anti-deafening safety net I had in place in all previous versions. Incidentally, this method uses much less math, resulting for a more snappier feel to the change. And while I was at it, I fixed the “bug” (read:laziness on my part) where you had to lift your finger completely off of the screen before changing swipe direction. [Read more…]

PocketTouch 1.3

PocketTouch I received an email from Skylar, the developer of PocketTouch, giving me some information about the update to PocketTouch. However, lets go over the changes first. The first thing I noticed when opening PocketTouch is that it has a slightly new look, making it even more polished than the previous version. If you select the “i” icon and go into the Settings, you will also see a few new options. [Read more…]

PocketTouch 1.2

PocketTouch Version 1.2 of PocketTouch makes a few subtle but sleek changes. When playing a song…the Title of the song is now bolder…making it much easier to read and the Now Playing is smaller. Also, the Settings Menu is now black instead of grey and had a few font changes…a much cleaner look, I like it. Other than that…the app still works the same! PocketTouch is avialble through the iPod Touch Fans source.
PocketTouch 1.2 PocketTouch 1.2 PocketTouch 1.2

PocketTouch 1.1

PocketTouch There are quite a few new options with version 1.1 of PocketTouch. I love the new main play screen. You will notice a little play arrow in the upper left corner…this displays whether the song is playing or is paused. It now also displays the time of the song, the volume in percentage and an info button which brings you to the Settings. There are a few new options in the Settings. You are now able to turn off the volume HUD (that is the image that you get then you turn the volume up and down), swap your swipe settings so that the volume change is horizontally and the song change is vertical, and enable a Shake option. When you turn Shaker on… [Read more…]

PocketTouch 1.0b

PocketTouch PocketTouch is a music controller made by the one and only Skylar. PocketTouch allows you to control your music with simple swipes, the best part is that you can leave it in your pocket while doing it. The biggest complaint with the iPod Touch/iPhone is that there is no external button in order to control your music. PocketTouch solves these problems in a different way. [Read more…]