PocketTouch 1.3

PocketTouch I received an email from Skylar, the developer of PocketTouch, giving me some information about the update to PocketTouch. However, lets go over the changes first. The first thing I noticed when opening PocketTouch is that it has a slightly new look, making it even more polished than the previous version. If you select the “i” icon and go into the Settings, you will also see a few new options.

The Settings menu has been broken up into a few more categories making it easier to navigate. Under the Gestures sections, you now have the ability to turn on/off Enable Taps. If you turn the Enable Taps option off, it will disable the tap to pause feature. Which may keep you from accidentally tapping the screen and pausing your music. There is also a new Use Outside of App option under the Shaker category. If you turn on Use Outside of App, you can then use the Shaker to control your music even outside of the application for example, if you are browsing in Safari. The last new features are; Shake with Vibration and Seconds. If you turn on Shake with Vibration, you will get a slight vibration when you shake your iPhone. You can adjust the length of the vibration, from 0.17 to 1.0 sec, by using the slider bar.

Ok, this is where the problem comes in. According to the developer, there is an issue with the Installation process of the new version (1.3) which installs the deamon in the wrong location. There may also be a permissions issue with the app as well. What this means is that you can’t actually use this version of the application. When you try to go into the main play screen, it will just say paused and will not let you use any of the features or play any music. So, if this is an application you like to use, I would hold off on updating until the next version is released. PocketTouch is available through the BigBoss source.

Update: Version 1.3-1 of PocketTouch fixes the issue mentioned above. However, after the update to 1.3-1 the Shake and Shake with Vibration features do not work for me…everything else does.

PocketTouch 1.3 PocketTouch 1.3 PocketTouch 1.3 PocketTouch 1.3 PocketTouch 1.3

PocketTouch 1.3-1 PocketTouch 1.3-1

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  1. I will have this updated in a couple hours.

  2. I have repacked this. v1.3-1 solves the above issue.

  3. Yup, it’s in there. I just updated it, but the app doesn’t work properly. When you are in the app itself and you shake it to change tracks, the tracks does change, but it jumps you to the springboard with the backlight still dimmed, and, if you try to shake it in that state, it will not work. Also, if you shake to change tracks outside of the app, it will not work. Am I the only one experiencing these problems?

    • If you disable the vibrate when shaken option, the shaker will work properly inside of the app, but it still does not function outside.

  4. since no one seems to answer comments if it is older than the 5th one posted or sumthing (or maybe im just impatient)
    but i NEED an answer, so im going to return to the “changing boot logo without rejailbreaking” subject:
    i hav a mac, and i hav Pwnage Tool, but i cant find the “Update Logos” button that u speek of thats in WinPwn… WHERE IS IT?????? DOES IT EVEN EXIST?!?!?!!?!

  5. If you have an iPod, then the device can’t vibrate. When it tries to, it will crash. Crashing means the dimmer can’t reset the brightness. If this happens, either restart the app or go into settings and reset the brightness.

    As far as the app not working outside of the app, it won’t work if you don’t save the settings first, then rebooting. Also, it will not work on SpringBoard or while non media equipped apps are running. To make sure it works, open Safari or MobileMediaPlayer and try it out.

  6. this app not work accurately
    when i shake to the left it change to 2nd song, but when i shake it right again, it not go back to the 1st one…

    • The app doesn’t recognize left or right. I’m thinking that there are only two songs in your playlist or currently playing album (if you are listening in MobileMediaPlayer’s album mode).

  7. I updated to version 1.3.1 but on the about tab still shows v1.2? weird. any suggestions?

    • Ha ha, that’s funny. I’m horrible at updating the “About” pop up.

      At least I got the help section right this time…

  8. If I shake, it go back to home O_o?
    How to fix this xD

  9. Ohh, I fixed it..
    But it go shuffle
    I just wanna song 1 and then 2 and then 3 etc..etc..
    Can someone help?

  10. the new style is smooth and nice, but the new daemon-feature does not work for me?!
    I had to deactivate vibration to let the app work, maybe it would be better to give a small hint for Touch-users :)

  11. I’ve got problems with shaking option, I’m using iPod touch, some suggestions?

  12. bob marley! says

    It just crashes as soon as i start it up. It also doesnt appear in the settings, WTF?