PocketTouch Makes it to the App Store

Available In: App Store       Price: $0.99  

##ICON_NAME## I was totally stoked to hear that PocketTouch had made it into the App Store. PocketTouch was definitely one of the most popular jailbroke applications and I always love to see those apps make it to the App Store.

For those of you unfamiliar with the app, PocketTouch is a music controller for your iPhone or iPod touch. The beauty of PocketTouch is that you can control your music without having to look at your device… all the controlling is done through taps, swipes and shaking.

Once you have a song playing in your music player, you can launch PocketTouch.

Gesture Controls:
    • Double Tap – Pauses and Plays the song
    • Swipe Up and Down – Controls Volume Level
    • Swipe Right – Advances to Next Track
    • Swipe Left – Restarts Song
    • Triple Tap on Status Bar – Allows you to select any song from iPod

Shake Controls:
    • Shake Device – Advances to Random Track

If for some reason the stock control options do not feel natural, the app is extremely customizable. You can get into the app’s Setting by tapping on the “i” icon on the upper right side of the statusbar.

Additional Gesture Options:
    • Reverse T. Swipes – This will change the tracks controls so that swiping right restarts the song and swiping left advances to the next track
    • Reverse Vol Swipes – This will change the volume controls so that swiping up turns the volume down and swiping down turns the volume up
    • Swap x/y Axes – This will reverse the controls so that the track swipe is controlled by swiping up and down and the volume control is controlled by swiping left and right.

Additional Shake Options:
    • Randomize Shaker – If this option is turned off, shaking your device will advance to the next song instead of a random song
    • Vibrate While Shaking – If this option is turned off, your device will not vibrate when shook.

The appearance of the app is also very customizable.

Appearance Options:
    • Show Track Info – If this option is turned on, it will display the song artist, name and album title.
    • Random Transitions – If this option is turned on, the transitions will be random
    • Disable Auto-Lock – If this option is turned on, your device will not auto-lock
    • Volume HUD – If this option is turned on, the stock volume HUD (that is the little volume pop-up you get when you adjust the volume on your device) will display when you adjust the volume level
    • Themes – Here you can choose from 5 pre-designed themes or, if you double-tap on the little gray bar, you can create your own custom theme.

Overall, a very cool application that is perfect for those times when you want to control your music but, you don’t want to have to look at your device to do so. i.e. working out, driving…

PocektTouch hit the App Store today so, check it out!



App Store Description:

PocketTouch, the FIRST alternate music controller for the iPhone or iPod touch has finally arrived on the AppStore.

PocketTouch is a gesture based control scheme for your device’s built in music player that allows you to quickly and easily control your music player via swipes and gestures. PocketTouch allows for a safer driving experience by allowing you to keep your eyes on the road while driving instead of on your iPhone or iPod touch. PocketTouch also comes in handy when working out, for quick easy track changes without breaking your concentration. And, of course, there are simply the times when you don’t want to take your device out of your pocket to change the track.

PocketTouch is a simple and intuitive application to use. While all controls can be customized, the default controls are as follows.

–Swipe left to restart the current track or skip to the previous track and swipe right to advance the current track. Swipe up or down to raise or lower the volume. Alternatively, you may use the built in volume slider to make quick changes to the volume. You can also shake the device to either advance the track or play a random track from your library.

–If any of those gestures doesn’t “feel right” to you, you can change any of the gesture options in the application’s built in settings.

–Triple tapping on the track status bar will present your music to you in a familiar interface. You can now select any song you’d like to listen to.

–Tap, tap, hold your finger on the status bar to see the built in playlist creator to create and play your own playlist!

PocketTouch is simply the most versatile gesture based music controller you can get on the AppStore. But of course, that’s what you can expect form an application that has been refined since 2007!

PocketTouch supports the English, French, German, and Dutch languages.

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  1. its about time!!

    its only 99cents so i’m supposing it’ll be a hit :)

  2. YEY!!! I used to love this app sooo much back in the good old days :)

  3. Also, you can triple tap the in track status bar to bring up a media picker to choose the song that you want to listen to. If you tap-tap-hold the in track status bar, you can create a playlist right within PocketTouch. Either option allows you to start music right within the application itself, saving the need to have to open iPod/Music .

    : )

    Unfortunately, the lists don’t seem to always work on jailbroken devices. I’m not sure why, but I’m afraid the issue might be out of my control. The song picker is controlled by Apple’s MediaPlayer framework and not the application itself.

    Also, those of you who are undaunted by navigating around your devices can add the “Classic” theme which resembles an iPod classic. Download the theme here: http://www.pockettouch.net/Themes/Classic.theme.zip and add it to PocketTouch’s …/Documents/Themes directory.

    Thank you all for downloading, it is much appreciated!

  4. Sounds like the app called “Spank Me” yeah bad name but if it worked 100% it would be better than this app as you don’t have to touch the screen just tap a certain amount of times to control the music. It is free and needs a few updates but it is free so don’t complain.