PocketTouch 1.4.1se

PocketTouch The update to version 1.41se of PocketTouch “pays more attention to the way it looks.” I’m not exactly sure what that means but, I did notice the that transition from the Information menu to the main screen has changed…I like it, it makes me laugh. Try it…I guarantee it will make you smile! I also noticed a two other small visual changes; when you pause a song, the play icon is no longer displayed at the top and when you are in the menu the song and artist are displayed at the bottom of the screen. Though, those could have been there before and I jsut didn’t notice them! Skylar, let me know in the comments if I missed something. PocketTouch is available through the BigBoss source.

PocketTouch 1.4.1se

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  1. Why did it make you laugh?

  2. LinksdrehNudel says

    hey, my iPhone runs in German! How can i change the language into englisch or into mine?

  3. because now its japanese text mixed with english!

  4. LinksdrehNudel says

    ok, but i can’t change some Options in japanese! Thats all unreadable for me! The whole menu is in japanese.

  5. The transition makes me smile, I think it is fun. Yep, just tried it again, still make me smile.

    Also, I do not have Japanese mixed with English! Mine is all in English. Do you have Japanese mixed with English…like in the menu?

  6. the volume control is much smoother now also

    i dont know if thats just me though

  7. LinksdrehNudel says

    the complete application on my iPhone is japanese! Some little words are English! But just 1 or 2 off all! How can i get this to English?

  8. yup! the play icon thing, the song info at the bottom of the settings, and the smoother volume control were on previous versions ;)

  9. is it just me, or does this app not work with Intelliscreen installed. I guess it makes sense why they wouldn’t co-exist but I wanted to see what other thought.

  10. Thank you, Brooke. I think the new transition effect is much more fitting. Aside form the obvious, there is the odd sprinkle of changes, such as the color of the buttons when you press them in the Settings menu.

    Re Japanese translations. I will be releasing a language pack soon that has some improved languagepacks, as well as a couple of missing languages. Of these will be the German language. For some reason, when it can’t find German, the phone resolves to Japanese. Go figure…

    Also, to everybody who can’t get the “Use Outside Of App” feature to function, the fix is easy. Apparently some of you have the LaunchDeamon installed with permissions of 777. The OS completely skips over the app because of those ridiculously high permissions. Navigate on over to /Library/LaunchDaemons and change the permissions on com.skylarcantu.ptshaker.plist to 644. Then completely reboot.

    I hope this answered both big converns with the app.


  11. alex_dlc says

    so how does it look? alli see is a screenshot of the installer info

  12. i made a german localisation for PocketTouch 1.4.1se

    you can download it directly at the developers thread on ipodtouchfans.com



  13. Skylar! Any chance you are going to sell this in the apps store to run on the 3g phones? I CANT LIVE WITHOUT YOUR APP!


  14. Yeah i really need this app. Its one of my top 3 apps which i really need. Are you going to continue down the jailbreaking only route or is it going to the app store?

  15. first of all, great work Skylar!
    i just have a slight problem with the Shake Outside App function. i can’t seem to get it to work, even if i resetted my itouch. isit cause im using Summerboard? cos im using the 1st gen 8GB ipod Touch? Please help, if u can help me fix this issue this will be the best app of all time!