PocketTouch 1.2

PocketTouch Version 1.2 of PocketTouch makes a few subtle but sleek changes. When playing a song…the Title of the song is now bolder…making it much easier to read and the Now Playing is smaller. Also, the Settings Menu is now black instead of grey and had a few font changes…a much cleaner look, I like it. Other than that…the app still works the same! PocketTouch is avialble through the iPod Touch Fans source.
PocketTouch 1.2 PocketTouch 1.2 PocketTouch 1.2

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  1. Actually, I didn’t want to go overboard with the black, so the settings have a hint of blue.

    : )

    • Oh my goodness you are right! On my iPhone it definitely looks black but, in the screenshot I’m totally seeing a hint of blue!

  2. Dustin James says

    Let me just say.. I LOVE DAVID CROWDER BAND! I was just listening to rain down!

  3. Hmm… I’ve never heard of the David Crowder Band. I’ll have to download a few songs, starting with Rain Down.

  4. Skylar, Likewise. :)

  5. This is definitely one of the most useful apps, the only small problem is that I have to disable the Autolock feature to keep using it in my pocket. If its possible, it would be great to have autolock disabled only when this application is open and playing music, so when its not in use, or the music is paused for a long time, the device can still go to sleep.

    • This app it’s very cool….love it!! My suggestions after “real world usability testing”…like other users already point it out, the “pause issue”, every time I’m trying to reach the Iphone I’m pausing the music :-( . A “never lock” option from inside this app.

      Many thanks.

  6. not working with firmware 2.02?

  7. I like PocketTouch but I would be glad, if instead of background there is the possibility to display the cover of the current song.

    Thanks to the developer.