Drummer Video

We just realized we didn’t have a video of the Drummer app on the site!! It is totally sweet!

~ Brooke

Watch “Drummer” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

iBand Video

Watch “iBand – Life is Greater than the Internet” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

Drummer 1.0

Drummer Drummer is a drum emulator by MooTheCow. When the application is open there are fifteen boxes that have labels like “Crash” or “Snare 1”. Tapping on each box gives you a specific drum noise. You are able to tap five boxes at the same time. There are five different drum sets: Dance, Jazz 1, Jazz 2, Rock, and Electro. All the sounds are high quality, and they are very close to the real thing. The help section tells you how to use the application in case you do not know how to, and there is a donation reminder. The thing that I love most about this application [Read more…]