FontSwap Fonts – Preview of all the Fonts

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

fontswap Below are screenshots of all the LockScreen, Notes and System font options that come stock with the FontSwap 1.0b application. The first screenshot will show the title of the font highlighted in blue…the screenshots following that are in that font. This can get a little confusing in the System Font screenshots. Just remember…blue highlight then screenshots of the font.


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  1. What theme is that on your springboard

  2. Looking good Brook, question what theme is that?

  3. I can’t get FontSwap to work. When I select a category like Notes font I get the Alert and push the button, but nothing happens?

    Any suggestions?

  4. DJContagious says

    im using Calibri, best font and most classy. :P
    oh, and i love Smoog too! I’m using it along with the NY Giants theme.

  5. I’ve been waiting for this app since they took Font Swap away back in 1.0…….im the happiest boy in the world right now!

  6. Hey what’s the theme that’s being used on the springboard pictures?

  7. I was reading around you could add your own fonts, just create a xxxx.font folder and include the two ttf inside and add your own…thing is I’ve tried to add some of my own (ttf and otf ) whithout any luck. Suggestions?

  8. Hey that was a great effort Brooke. It must have taken ages to do all that, well done! Thanks.

  9. Hey I am unable to use fontswap do the the error messge at start up “the application “fontSwap” cannot be opened. Please help. I have uninstalled installed and rebooted. What should I do

    • Rajesh Mehrotra says

      Dear James – I have the same problem . Did u get a solution to it ? Please let me know

    • No I havent Rajesh, I wish I could have some help soon. I have the app on my 2g but I use my 3g for everything now. sorry

  10. hi brooke, i am having problem to install the fontswap app, in the mid way of downloading encountered a error ” source error POSIX : broken pipe ” . i tried twice already, problem still persist, pls advice

    hope to hear from you soon cant wait to install tis app… :)

  11. Installation went smooth. And THANKS for putting the guide together. Very helpful!

  12. Sweet!
    Please update if any sources/repos with extra fonts

  13. Need A Huge Update For IPHONE 3G 3.0 ,.,,,,, Please Do It ASAP

  14. Any update yet for 3.0?

  15. Do any of the FontSwap fonts increase the size of SMS messages? My eyes are getting old so a larger font is necessary.

    Anyone have a suggestion?

  16. Heyy, does anyone fonts that like graphitti like?

  17. i am unable to install fontswap using cydia!!pls help..

  18. i tried restarting the fon but still i get the POSIX: Broken pipe. i have an iphone 3g version 4.1. i tried installing the megapack because it has a fontswap installer with it but i get the same error message. how can i fox this.

  19. Dont use font swap……. Get bytafont from cydia (it must in blue colour) after downloading u’ll see a icon on your screen …… Now go to cydia again dear fonts (example Disney ) From only …. Go back to bytaFont icon n set it from there….

  20. Try bytafonts

  21. What’s the one in the settings?

  22. Does this program work for 3gs . ive tried to uninstall and re install no luck , any idea ?

  23. When I load fontswap I see antiquities font (from tv show stargate) on the load screen but I can’t find it in the app any help on how to get it for font swap