Firmware 3.0 Preview: Photos

PhotosThe Photos application’s new features mainly have to do with the way photos are shared. You can now of course send photos via MMS. Just select the photo you want and tap the little arrow in the bottom right and it gives you the option to send via MMS. Another great added feature is the option to send more than one photo via MMS or email. To do this go to one of your albums and tap the arrow again in the bottom left corner. This now gives you three options at the bottom. Share, copy, and delete. If you tap share you get the option to send via email or MMS. You can also open your email and paste the photos into an existing email, draft, reply or new email.

That’s about it for updates to the Photos app. If you see any others, please let me know. I checked the Settings app for changes to Photos settings and I saw nothing new there.

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  1. Can we use the bluetooth to send or receive photos??

  2. When is 3.0 going to be avaluable?

  3. Jesse,
    It’s going to be available in the summer, No firm date has been given, Although you can try the preview out now if you know a developer who will add your UDID to his account….

  4. My iphone 3g is jailbrake and unlock .
    Will i be able to download the update 3.0?
    Will this update lock my iphone?