Firmware 3.0 Battery Percentage in Status Bar, Data Detectors, Safari

AppleWhen I upgraded to the 3.0 firmware I thought that it was pretty kewl that a few features from jailbreaking where still in place. My carrier was still set to “Ahhyeah” and my battery percentage was still in the status bar. This usually happens with any jailbreak followed by a firmware upgrade. I set both features when jailbroke; my carrier logo with MakeItMine and the battery percentage with Supreme Preferences.

This is all kewl but what caught my attention was the battery percentage looked different. I used to be able to tap on my battery and it would switch to numbers, just numbers. Now it’s to the left of the battery and there all the time. It also has a percent sign(%) next to it and when it drops to 20% or lower, the text turns red. I thought maybe this was a developer feature when beta testing firmware but I had never heard of it before and wasn’t hearing anyone else talk about it with current firmware.

Recently, AppleInsider and some other sites have been talking about some hidden features being discovered withing firmware 3.0. One of them… battery percentage. I’m actually on Beta 2 right now so I’m guessing it’s been there since beta 1 but they are just now finding it. So far I haven’t found a way to turn it on and off but I don’t have Beta 3 yet, although it may not be in there yet either.

Another feature is in Safari. After closing all pages but your current page, you can now tap the red X on the last page to get a blank page. This is a nice feature but of course the best is the ability to close all tabs at once. I hear this is a new feature to come but I don’t see it in my Beta 2. If you can’t wait, there’s a jailbreak version that works great.

Finally, data detectors are the ability for the iPhone to detect things like phone numbers and email address with in text in apps. Once detected you can click them to launch the phone app or email. (again, working on Beta 2)


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  1. Dustin James says

    I thought phone and addresses have always been clickable…

    at least they always have on my phone.

  2. iLove my iPhone says

    huray for the percentage now we only need ability to set alarm sound to ipod

  3. there’s a plist u can edit that will give u a toggle to turn battery percentage on and off…you can also enable the video recording interface with this plist.

  4. where is the notification for email and calls in the status bar. do i have to unlock my phone to see if i have email