Safari Tab Closer – Close All Your Tabs With One Button

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

Safari Tab Closer Safari Tab Closer is an app that allows you to close all your open Safari tabs using just one button! When you install Safari Tab Closer, it does not add an icon to your SpringBoard, it just automatically enables the mod. To use the mod, open Safari and tap and hold the icon all the way to the right on the lower menu bar (the tab icon). This will then open a pop-up with two options; Close All Tabs and Cancel. If you select Close All Tabs, all your open Safari tabs will close. Brilliant…just brilliant! This app worked fine for me and is available via the BigBoss source.

Note: For more info on Tabbed browsing in Safari on your iPhone or iPod Touch…check out THIS article.


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  1. Cool mod downloading as we speak :)

  2. Da187suspect says

    What’s the benefit of this app? I mean, just more convenient for us lazy folks?

    • Thats exactly the benefit if you got 8 screens open i dont really want to close them 1 by 1 rather close them all.

    • And the fact that it is just plain cool…I bet Apple steals it! Yup…mark my words…firmware 3.0 will have this feature! :)

    • Da187suspect says

      Totally agree with you Brooke. I bet you Steve Jobs sends spies to this site for ideas, lol.

      What we need is a “delete all” option in our mail inbox, not just in our trash.

  3. Steve Jobs comes to this website on his own. Because his Iphone is jailbroke. MARK MY WORDS!!

  4. Steve I need a Job says

    You never know who’s watching.

  5. this is cool.
    gonna download this in a sec!

  6. ancel all tabs

  7. Not working on iPhone 3.0 OS…

  8. why cant i find this app in the app store?!