Firmware 3.0 Preview: Maps

MapsSo far, there are no changes to the Maps application for the iPhone. There are some other features that include maps that are new to the 3.0 Firmware though. First, developers can now integrate Google Maps into their application. This is part of the new developer APIs in the 3.0 Software Developer Kit. This should help with some sweet weather or real estate apps.


Another really sweet feature that has to do with mapping is turn-by-turn directions. This is not a feature of the Maps app and also can’t be combined with the Google maps embed feature above. Developers will have to bring their own maps. This has to do with a licensing agreement with Google maps. This opens the door for apps like Tom Tom navigation apps.


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  1. george mitchell says

    I say pull google maps and give me a decent turn by turn gps program. Its sad that such a nice phone doesnt have a decent gps. Heck I can go get a free phone from AT&T with a decent gps program in it. Apple should be ashamed of them selves.

  2. I can’t help but wonder how well the tomtom app continues to behave when a phone call comes in.

  3. Interesting site, but much advertisments on him. Shall read as subscription, rss.

  4. I Hope sarcastic, no really

  5. byron Church says

    I’m sure Googles right on top of it and we’ll have a free Google turn by turn in no time

  6. It’s been around a week since we had any updates, what’s going on? Lol.

    Also, roll on Tom Tom iPhone app!! Hope we can load our own voices too.

    “Turn left fool!!” – Mr. T

    • I mean updates to this blog, no new articles since 22nd. Not updates as in updates to maps or anything lol.

  7. This site has gone downhill. You take on new writers, but no one posts. I’m removing from my bookmarks.

  8. YEAAAHHH!!! :D


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