Full Status Bar

AiS For the first time since enabling the WeatherIcon status bar icon mod…I actually needed more space on my status bar! This past week-end, I noticed that I had a new email icon, a missed phone call icon, a missed text icon, a silence icon, the weather temp icon, the weather type icon and the battery icon all on my status bar. I also noticed that my silence icon was overlapping the time on my status bar because I had run out of room to the right of it! Last month…I wrote an article about a mod called No Clock. This mod actually removes the clock off your status bar. So, I gave it a shot. It worked…I could see all my notification icons on my status bar but, I missed having the clock!
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No Clock – Remove Status Bar Time

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

No Clock No Clock is a mod that removes the time from your status bar. This is nice for the themes that display the time and date on the SpringBoard (which there are quite a few of!). This mod is available through the ModMyi source and is activate/deactivated in WinterBoard. I did not have any issues when activating or deactivating this app.