No Clock – Remove Status Bar Time

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

No Clock No Clock is a mod that removes the time from your status bar. This is nice for the themes that display the time and date on the SpringBoard (which there are quite a few of!). This mod is available through the ModMyi source and is activate/deactivated in WinterBoard. I did not have any issues when activating or deactivating this app.

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  1. You could just use make it mine and put a space in the text field too.

  2. Could you name a few themes that display the date and time ?

  3. akamartelle says

    I use Clock and Weather screen. I dont have a need for clock at the top of the screen

  4. David Faulkner says

    I recently purchased an unlocked iphone, I touched the cydia app on the phone screen and after it completed running I have only one app displayed, (juke box) what happened to my other applications?? That is the only object on the screen. No bar at the bottom or anything. I can receive calls & text messages but no screen displays to respond.
    How do you restore? it hasn’t been done on itunes, just received the phone.
    David Faulkner

    • Jack Davies says

      Fix this by going on iTunes on your computer and put your iPhone in dfu mode then click on restore. If you do this though you will need to re-jailbreak your iPhone

  5. Jack Davies says

    Is there a way of only having the clock removed on the springboard status bar, but have it on the stays bar whilst in apps?

  6. Jack Davies says

    Meant to say status bar not stays bar. Sorry lol

  7. One way to do this is to download black theme for status bar and staus bar clock from cydia. Make sure you enable them both in winterboard respring and ur done. Now you dont see it it springboard but if you open anything else the clock displays. Hope this helps

  8. this doesn’t work for ios 4.01 on iPhone 4. clock is still on the status bar even after enabling no clock on winterboard

  9. Bradley Rimbleus says

    Is there a solution for this yet? Jailbreaked on 4.2.1, have an OCD thing; keep looking at the clock all the time. NEED it removed.