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AiS For the first time since enabling the WeatherIcon status bar icon mod…I actually needed more space on my status bar! This past week-end, I noticed that I had a new email icon, a missed phone call icon, a missed text icon, a silence icon, the weather temp icon, the weather type icon and the battery icon all on my status bar. I also noticed that my silence icon was overlapping the time on my status bar because I had run out of room to the right of it! Last month…I wrote an article about a mod called No Clock. This mod actually removes the clock off your status bar. So, I gave it a shot. It worked…I could see all my notification icons on my status bar but, I missed having the clock!

I decided I had a few options; I could turn off the WeatherIcon status bar icons, find a theme that has the clock on the wallpaper or just use No Clock. Well, I decided that I didn’t really like any of these options!! I love having the WeatherIcon icons on my status bar, I’m not a huge fan of themes that have the clock on the wallpaper (only because then I have to try an arrange a bunch of blank icons on my SpringBoard) and I would still like to have the time on my status bar. So, I came up with a perfect solution…a LeftClock mod. I recently did a review of a mod called RightClock that moves your clock all the way to the right on your status bar so I thought I would look to see if there was a LeftClock mod. However, to my dismay, there is not! Then I realized why, you really can’t move the time any more to the left because that is where the spinning wheel is! So, I guess I will have to decide what course of action I am going to take now! If you are someone who has the WeatherIcon status bar icons and other status bar notification icons…what do you do? Or, have you not run into this issue yet!


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  1. You have your live clock and could always use one of the various clock lockscreens. I have had iMods where my clock would have been for a long time now using MIM. You must like clocks Brooke…

  2. mattyb123 says

    You could switch to a 24 hour clock and then space won’t be taken up by AM or PM :)

  3. sredlums says

    The solution to your ‘problem’ is simple: just get over it already.
    Really, tweaking is fun, but just like everything else in life, one can take things to far.
    There’s millions of people all over the world willing to trade their problems for yours, you know…
    Now of course I have annoances too that I would like to have fixed and that I spend too much time on, but luckily I have friend who put me back into reallity when it gets out of proportion.
    So please considder this as friendly advice!

    • Hmmm, how profound! If only we could all be as enlightened as you!

    • “Friendly Advice”? They’ve an online community here, and your friendly advice is to abandon it because other people have more serious problems?
      Incidentally, I’ve some friendly advice for you; Instead of irritating people who’ll not listen to you anyway, go and help said people with more serious problems.

    • sredlums says

      @Tim: where exactly did I say ‘abandon’?
      I was simply trying to ‘keep things real’ (I am not native English, so I hope this makes sence).
      It is easy to get carried away with things you are passionate about, like I said before, it happens to me all the time. When that happens I am glad someone usualy tells me so (as in friendly advice). They don’t expect me to ‘abandon’ what I am doing, just to take a small step back sometimes and see things in perspective.
      My reply might have irritated you (and others, quite possibly), but sadly that kind of proves my point: we tend to take things far too seriously sometimes, and get irritated when other people tell us so… and, in your words “won’t listen to it anyways”.
      Maybe sometimes we should listen?

  4. I little bit off topic here, sorry. How do you change only the background in the springboard? I do not want a complete theme, just a blue background? Thanks.

    I liked that one in brooke’s screen

  5. OT here as well. I like that theme. What is the name of it?

    Thank you!

  6. farfromuman says

    Switch to 24h – that will take away the AM/PM or find a way to remove the letters. From the screen shot it looks like it would clear.

  7. WHY? Why do you need the Weathericon on the status bar? I love WeatherIcon, it’s superb, but I can just look at the icon to see it. I don’t feel any desire to have it on the status bar and can’t understand why anyone would. The clock is important because you may need the time at a quick glance. I can’t ever see you needing the current temperature that badly…..

    • Because you can see it on the lock screen! And if you don’t have Weather on your first page… and… it’s convenient! =)

  8. Guys it doesn’t really matter what your opinion on having the weather up there is…. She is just asking if there is anything to fix her problem. Not to harass her about what she likes!

    I unfortunately do not have an answer to the problem though, but I like the weather up there but I want the time more so I sacrifice it haha.

  9. hey brooke, what theme are you using in this post??

  10. You could use make it mine (jailbreak app) to remove ur network name or shrink it

  11. It’s a matter of compromise. Maybe the silence notifier isn’t quite necessary?

    She is using the ‘squig’ theme.

  12. I am curious what theme you are using for your springboard in those pictures above.

  13. how can I install the silence notifier icon please?

  14. in the leopard theme im using the time is shifted to the left…

  15. Can someone explain how to even get the weathericons to actually show up on the status bar? I’ve installed weathericons and the Klear (I forget the rest of the name) that is supposed to work together but I can’t find any indication anywhere that weathericon actually installed. Nothing in showing up in the Status bar. Also how will I get to choose the zip code for weathericon to use? Thanks.

  16. hey does any one know how to get that sun next to the weather display on the status bar?

    • Stimpy5050 says

      It’s all part of WeatherIcon. Install supreme Preferences and turn on “Show Status Bar Image”.

  17. the theme is called “squig”
    and you can find it in the following repo: http://repo.sleepers.net/cydia/

  18. Since you seem to always have email in your screenshots, you should try to disable the notification for mail. That’ll give you some extra space

  19. Is there anyway of having a scrolling status bar ?

  20. u might be able to move the time to the left:)

  21. My questions is totally different, i am new with cydia and all, i just recently downloaded i’elegence and illumine themes (kinda mixed both). i have a live clock on wallpaper, but i also want my live clock back on my status bar, i have unchecked everything on my winterboard and still my clock on status bar doesnt re-appear (but the clock on wallpaper disappears ofcourse). can someone help?