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WeatherIcon I wrote a post this morning about a reflective dock application. I also warned in that post about another application title WeatherIcon (available through the same source). I received word today that the application had been upgraded and no longer creating crashing problems so, I decided to check it out.

Ok, I had this post written this afternoon but, I had to completely rewrite it tonight! We have done a lot of testing on this application and it does work however, it is going to take some explaining. So, take a deap breath and then continue reading!

When you install the WeatherIcon app in Cydia (be sure you install version 1.1.1 or newer), it adds an option to your WinterBoard titled Weather Icon. When you select the Weather Icon option in WinterBoard, it will activate the application. When the app is activated, it changes your stock weather icon to a blank weather icon and then puts the new temp and weather image on top of the blank weather icon.


Note: This afternoon, I had an issue where when I selected the Weather Icon option in WinterBoard, it did not change the weather icon to a blank weather icon instead it added the new weather image and temp on top of my stock icon which looked absolutely terrible. If you are also having this issue, uninstall and reinstall the app in Cydia. Example screenshots below.

weathericon111over weathericon111over2

Ok, now, there are a few catches. When the app is not activated in WinterBoard, it adds a ? on top of your weather icon. The only way to get rid of the ? is to always have the app activated or to uninstall it. Example screenshots below.

weathericon111qm1 weathericon111qm2

The other catch…the app does not automatically detect your current location, you will need to change the zip code in the .plist to your current zip code. If you are comfortable with ssh, this is an easy thing to do. Below are instructions.

1. Find the file Library/Themes/Weather Icon.theme/Bundles/ on your iPhone or iPod Touch.

2. Open the com.ashman.WeatherIcon.plist file. Below is what it will look like.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

3. Change the number 20852 to whatever your current zip code is. Below is an example of what it would look like changed.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

4. Close the file…it should ask you if you would like to save the change…yes, you want to save the changes.

5. Respring your springboard and you will have the current temp for your zip code on your weather icon.

With the current temp, it will also display a weather image that corresponds with the current time of day and weather conditions ex) a sun with clouds or a moon with snow.

weathericon111good1 weathericon111good3

I’m not sure how often the temp updates. The temperature has changed three times throughout the day today (so, maybe it updates every few hours?). There are also times when it doesn’t seem to connect and it says N/A instead of a temp.

Personally, I LOVE the concept and this is by far the closest we have come to this sort or mod. Does it need improvements to be more user friendly, most definitly. Will I leave it on my iPhone, yes.

If you are looking to mod the app even further, Doug has created a blank weather icon that you can use instead of the blank weather icon that comes with the app. To use it, just right click and Save As on the icon below. Then drag the icon (via ssh) into the Library/Themes/Weather Icon.theme/Icon folder and rename the icon file to Weather.


There are other modding options with this app as well. For example you could create your own weather images. If you do so, the files you will need to replace are located in the Library/Themes/Weather Icon.theme/Bundles/ folder.

Let me know in the comments what you think of this app and if you are going to use it. Screenshots of how you modded it are cool too. Below are two quick mods that I tried. One is with Doug’s icon and the other I created a transparent icon.

weathericon111modded2 weathericon111modded3

This app has been updated to version 1.2.1. This does change the .plist a little. You still need to change the number below the location in the .plist to your zip code. The new .plist also displays a refresh time of 15 minutes. You can easily change this as well by changing the number 15 to 30 or 60…etc (which would change the refresh time to 30 minutes or 60 minutes…etc). Below is what the new code looks like.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC "-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN" "">
<plist version="1.0">

A few things to note, whenever you update the application, you will need to go back into the .plist and change all your info again…it does not save your customizations after updating.

This application does work in other countries. It pulls it’s info from’s weather. So, in order to use the app outside the US, head over to THIS page and search for your City and Country. When it finds the weather for your City, you can use the number from the web address as the number to change in the app’s .plist. For example, I searched for Rome, Italy and when it loaded the weather for Rome, I got this web address The bolded number is what you would change the number in the .plist to. Another example is Munich, Germany. I searched for Munich in Yahoo Weather and once it pulled up the weather for Munich…I got this web address Just take GMXX0087 and use it to replace the numbers in the .plist file.

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  1. As of 1/24/09…WeatherIcon is nowhere to be found in Cydia. Can anyone confirm this? Thanks.

  2. Just checked Cydia and 1.4.1 was in my updates. Works great, just like the previous versions. You need the source installed.

  3. Great app. One issue im having is the moon icons dont show, its always sunny. Just like previous posters above. Anyone know of a workaround?

    • If you have the latest version (1.4.2) installed you should get the moon icon at night. It seems to work fine on my phone…

    • Thanks, it ended up working. Just a couple hours late on icon change but it did change nonetheless

  4. ShotWithAnSLR says

    Am I correct in assuming that version 1.4.2 does not need to have the plist altered? my plist looks nothing like what is listed above, and yet the temperature is correct? There was no changelog listed on Cydia.

    • Stimpy5050 says

      Sorry about not having a changelog on cydia. I need to work on my Cydia presence. ;) The icon will pull your information from the default weather app so it should work right out of the box.

  5. is this compatible with twc ( the weather channel) if so what would the plist file look like?

  6. I seem to be haveing the problem geting the right icon to work i have the right temp but just the wroing icon meaning is dark but its showing the sun.I do have irealsms and i do have the reflective dock.But its does no crash any more
    Think you for all the hard work

  7. Works better than described?! says

    When I installed this, it seemed to detect my location automatically??!! The image and temp displayed correspond perfectly!

    • Works better than described?! says

      actually, I just checked for updates again- this theme has already been updated several times today!

  8. yep i just updated to 1.5.1 or is it .2 well either way every thing udates like a charm right temp and image than you sir for this mod keep up the great work

  9. nothing happens for me, it just sits there blue icon with no image no ? nothing. doesnt show any image. itouch btw

  10. There is a bug with the new version
    i had the 1.5 version and it worked fine now updated to 1.5.3 and the numbers overlap it only works if i choose the swoosh weather or whatever this calls

  11. 1.5.4 not working either.

  12. Hey I was looking for the clear icon the Doug had made. The one that is supposed to be clear is in fact the stock blue one. Do you still have the file? If so I would love it.

  13. yeah the up date 1.5.2 work like a charm i didnt have to to use soomg weather or weather back ground to make it work now i do i whish i could find the file with the firm ware 1.5.2 and just leave it alone

  14. I’ve used the smoog theme wome time now. When I installed Smoog Weather Icon Background it installed Weather Icon for me. All I had to do was enable Weather Icon and Smoog Weather Icon BG in Winterboard and I was all set. Nice :)

  15. Maybe it’s me, but all this tweaking of settings sound odd to me. It seems that my version of this software is pulling weather information from the first entry in the stock weather app that is part of the iphone/ipod software. I say this because I had the weather locations I use in alpha order, Bethesda, MD was first and I am in NY. The icon showed the weather temp and conditions in Bethesda, when I switched NYC to the first position it changed with out all the messing around with the plist and SSH.

  16. Just won’t work for me, can’t figure out why.

    Fw 2.2.1.
    Reflective dock works fine, but Weather Icon 1.7.7 – no way.
    Installing from repo.

    Tried many sorts of edits on both the app’s and the plists, no success.
    It seems it just won’t start – it’s as if the app isn’t even there, the stock weather icon doesn’t change at all.

    Just as a reference – LiveClock works just fine.

    I’ve already tried a lot of stuff, incl. uninstalling and reinstalling, disabling all winterboard themes/mods, installing themes for weather icon…

    Suggestions on what else to try / where to look?

    • Slimjimwoods says

      I’m in the same boat, I did at first have the temperature on the icon, but now that has gone too. Status bar icons and temp working fine though.

  17. Does anyone know how to change the data feed from Yahoo to AccuWeather? I’m using 2.10, but even though I select AccuWeather from the serttings section, the temperature is still polled from the Yahoo source.

  18. Using WeatherIcon 2.0.3 on iPhone FW2.2.1.

    With only (Toronto) in map using Celcius (tested with F as well), I only see the temperature being updated, the icon always stay as sunny (even though it’s midnight right now).

  19. hey; problem being that on my iphone there is no option in winterboard. leaving the graphical changes static. is there any advice you could give me?

  20. It would be nice if the app was updated to work on the iPhone4/Cydia.

  21. Hi Stimpy5050, gr8 app but just 1 question. Yahoo weather is extremely inaccurate. How can i make this work for accuweather?

  22. Heyy I have the stock yahoo weather on my phone that I use and my phone is jailbroken and I say on statigram where girls replaced the icons on weather with there own weather icons could you please walk me through on how to do that? what programs do I need installed and where do I save the images and all that stuff , if u could help it would be greatly appreciated(:


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