WeatherIcon 1.5.3 – Updating Weather Icon

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WeatherIcon OK, I have held off on writing about this app for a few days because it was getting updated so frequently and I wanted to let a few updates pass before talking about it again. I will say, the updates have made using this application much easier than in the first few version of the app…you can check out that article HERE. So, lets talk about what the app looks like now.

I have good news for those of you would are not big on sshing into your iPhone or iPod Touch…you can now successfully use this application without the need to shh. The weather information is now pulled directly from the weather info already on your iPhone…so, no need for ssh. This also means that the temp on your weather icon will mach the temp displayed inside your stock Weather application…which is nice.

Also, the app now adds two options into WinterBoard; Weather Icon and Weather Icon Background. You will need to enable the Weather Icon option in order to enable the app. This will add the current temp and weather conditions on top of your current weather icon. The Weather Icon Background option allows you to put a blank weather icon behind the Weather Icon mod so that it is not on top of your current weather icon (which means you will most likely want to have both options checked in WinterBoard). I was actually glad to see that these two options were broken up in WinterBoard…it makes personalized modding of the icon easier.

The developer has really been working hard on getting this application to work in conjunction with all applications such as, third party SMS apps which seem to be causing some problems. I have found that the newest version works for me, it displays the correct temp and weather conditions on my icon, both features in WinterBoard work correctly in conjunction with one another and the weather/conditions update nicely. There does still seem to be one bug…when you disable the mod in Cydia, it leaves the current temp in small print on the top of the stock weather icon but, who wants to disable the application anyway!! :) Overall, I really really like this application a lot…definitly one I will be keeping around!!


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  1. Any chance to make the icon appear for another weather app, such as TWC app?

    • Stimpy5050 says

      You already can, with SSH. Edit /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.ashman.WeatherIcon.plist and change the bundle identifier to

    • What should I write on the bundle identifier if I’m using WeatherPro?

    • You can also change WeatherIcon to work over top of FizzWeather by editing /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.ashman.WeatherIcon.plist and replacing “” to “” thanks to melwan at macthemes for helping me with that.

  2. I emailed David about the bug he said he knew what the problem was, So I have to wait until the new update because I don’t use Winterboard…

    • Stimpy5050 says

      With the extension installed, the temp will always show. Images for the weather will not show if the Winterboard themes are turned off.

  3. i had this but i didnt like the fact that when u change theme you have to fix the weather icon theme to one that goes with the theme select it. Still i was using it until i found this is not as easy as weathericon to use or install but if you know javascrit CSS html you can totally personalize this WIDGET. so i use this and put 5 transparent icons on top cause i have FCSB using iBlank from Cydia , and it works GREAT ! so even if i change themes with winterboard the widget is still untouch and working nicely !

  4. Initially, I thought that I was having some sort of bug problem with WeatherIcon v1.4.2 whereby the weather icons do not show a correct time of day, that is the icon shows a day time during night time, and it stays like that even after a few respringing and rebooting.

    Out of curiosity to see whether it is really due to the WeatherIcon bug or not, I have taken a plunge of a full clean restore of the iPhone with New User setup. And what I get is: A Beautiful WeatherIcon Mod That Works Perfectly And Smoothly, no more bug issue occurred. And it stays that way with every update with v1.5.1, v1.5.2 and v1.5.3.

    So, if anyone is having the same problem of WeatherIcon’s icon not showing the correct day or night time, I think it is most like due to some other corrupted softwares that have caused the problem, and not due to WeatherIcon itself.

    To those that are having a problem of WeatherIcon is not working in their iPhones, then it is most likely due to other problem in their iPhones. Or maybe WeatherIcon is not selected in the Winterboard, or maybe there is no WiFi, Edge or 3G data line? Who knows, it might be…. ;).

    WeatherIcon, is beautiful, excellent and brilliant work I would say :).

    THANK YOU David Ashman @ Stimpy5050 :).

  5. Stimpy5050 says

    FYI – There is a bug in the background images that seem to show night during day and day during night in Europe (issue with the way Yahoo sends back the data). It is fixed in 1.5.4 which was released today.

  6. Nice I got the update and its working again like normal :)

    Thx Stimpy5050 ;-)

  7. any way to change the color of the temperature back to white? i can’t see it on my theme… and maybe a way to move the location of the temp?

  8. only version 1.5.1 appears in cydia for me not 1.5.3

  9. I have 1.5.4.

  10. It’s good. Now I have to upgrade to 2.2.1, or soon anyway, so all this modding has to start all over again. I’m getting tired of it, I must say.

  11. 1.5.4 does not display for me

  12. Richard Betts says

    Make sure that if you have more than one country in your weather app. That the one you want to view on the springboard is organised to the top in Weather.

  13. Ok here is a random jailbreak question if anyone has seen this: @G iPhone was updated to 2.2 this morning (before the 2.2.1 bug fix) and when i went ahead and jailbroke the phone thru Windows, everything in QuickPwn looked fine, everything on the phone looked fine.. BUT Cydia (which was the only option i checked off) is nowhere on my springboard!!! WTH is up with that! LOL

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  14. What should I write on the bundle identifier if I’m using WeatherPro?

  15. is number 15 an update time in minutes ? and i suppose i can just change it to whatever time i want in order to save battery life ? Also whats Smoog Weather in Winterboard ? Thanks.

  16. actually, i now see version 1.5.5 in Cydia – and yes, what is the option for “smoog weather”?

    • Smoog is a theme available in Cydia. It’s very popular and one of my favorites. Smoog weather just adds an icon that is correct for the Smoog theme. It looks good wth other themes also…

  17. is there a way i can keep my weather icon that i have chosen for my theme and not use the icon this application imposes on the springboard? any help will be greatly appreciated.

  18. Version 1.5.5 is out now…

  19. Hi does anybody now if it works in Germany ,too?

  20. Works Great, very usefull app.

  21. I’m looking at Cydia right now and the latest version available(to me anyway) is 1.5.1. And for some reason it does not work on my phone. I installed…refreshed….uninstalled…reinstalled….updated… etc. It puts three lables in my WinterBoard. Weather Icon, Weather Icon Background and Smoog Weather. The only thing I could get any of them to do was take the default temp of 23 degrees off of the weather icon. It will not put the correct current temp on the icon. I even tried to SSH into Library-Themes-Weather Icon In the article link in the first paragraph of this article it says to SSH into that folder and then change the com.ashman.WeatherIcon.plist code to one with my zip code. The issue with that is it’s not showing me the code for some reason. So wazzzzup with that!?!?!

    • The latest version is 1.5.6 now available in Cydia. You might try uninstalling the version you are running and then reboot your phone. Open Cydia and see if the newest version is available. Download it, close Cydia, and then reboot again before you try using it. Don’t just re-spring your phone but do a reboot. It might just work??

  22. have you tried adding the source?

  23. 1.5.5 was just fine, and now 1.5.6 came out and it overwrote my theme icon for my weather… how can i get rid of old icon?

  24. You have to add the source “” to Cydia and then you will find weather icon. It’s a great app. and combined wth live time clock makes for a great looking springboard….

  25. I emailed Mr. Ashman who very promply returned my email. He stated that even he did not know the reason for this issue. He said that he has had one other person experience this issue and tried everything that he could think of to resolve it and eventually had to do a restore on the phone before it would work. I guess this is one awesome tweak that I’m gonna have to live without. This and the clock one too. BTW I tried to find a newer version and could not. I reinstalled Cydia and rebooted. I uninstalled the weather icon and rebooted. I reinstalled the weather icon and rebooted. No luck with any new versions. I know how to install new sources in Installer but cant figure it out in Cydia. I assume they are calling them repositories? But I cant find out how to add new ones. I just assumed that it was already there because the app was available but when I go into repositories I can’t see it anywhere. Am I missing something?

  26. You, Brooke, are a freakin genuis! I, on the other hand, am a fool. I added the source and it instantly offered me a version 1.5.7! The thing I don’t understand is how did this app even get onto my “list” of results when I did a search in Cydia if I did not have the source? I ran a program that was supposed to install most of, if not all of the sources. Kinda has me guessing now. Sufice it to say I’m confused.

    Now for the bad news. It still no workie. I uninstalled and reinstalled and all that good stuff again including rebooting and such and now It does absolutely nada. Now it won’t even take the default numbers off the icon. If anyone knows how to edit the zip code in the program I would love to know. I’m using iPhone browser and not winscp but I don’t see how that would make any difference. I could be wrong though. When I go into
    Library/Themes/Weather/Icon.theme/Bundles/ it does not give me the code. So I can not edit it and replace the default zip with my own. I’m not sure that would even work with the updated 1.5.7 but I’d be willing to give it a shot if anyone can point me in the right direction. Obviuosly I’m not one to give up on this stuff easily but this one’s approaching that point quick. At least I took some usefull info with me. Again…Thanx Brooke.

    • SNAPPY,

      There is no need to SSH for this app to work properly. As Abyss said, if it is not working properly there must be a bug in your phone. You have checked Weather Icon and Weather Icon background in Winterboard?? I’m sorry you are having trouble because this is a Great App….Good Luck!!


  27. Now we have WeatherIcon and also LiveClock, both excellent apps. What we need now is CompassIcon so the safari icon always points north using the GPS! Now that would be awesome :-)

  28. Help, the 1.6.0 update has broken the icon. It now overlays the current weather on top of the default icon.

    I’ve tried removing it and re-installing but it’s made no difference. I’ve got the Weather Icon and Weather Icon Background options enabled in Winterboard so what is wrong? Is there a bug in the new release?

    • Just to confirm, going back to version 1.5.8 has got everything back to how it should be. I can only conclude there must be a bug in 1.6.0.

  29. What identifier do I have to use to add the icon on the weather pro?

  30. Mudslide03 says

    I installed Weathericon 2.0.3 on both mine and my sons Iphones but I don’t see any weather icons in Winterboard. Am I missing a step somewhere?