WeatherIcon Update – Removes Theme Adds Status Bar Icons

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WeatherIcon The WeatherIcon mod received a few updates overnight. The update to version 1.8.4 makes a few changes to the application that you will want to know about. The most obvious change is that it removes the icon theme from the package. So, when you update to version 1.8.4 you will no longer see a weather image just the actual weather in degrees. In order to have a weather images, you will need to install either the Katra WeatherIcon theme or the Klear WeatherIcon theme based on which weather images you prefer (see screenshots below). Both of these themes are available through the source.

The update also adds a new feature, the ability to put the current temp and weather icon on your status bar. In order to enable this features, you will need to ssh into the /var/mobile/Library/Preferences/com.ashman.WeatherIcon.plist folder on your iPhone or iPod Touch and change the ShowStatusBarImage and ShowStatusBarTemp options to True (they default as False). Or, if you are looking for an easier way to turn on the status bar icons, Supreme Preferences was updated overnight to include these options. In order to use Supreme Preferences, you will need to install the application, activate it via WinterBoard, go into your stock Settings application, select Supreme Preferences, select the Applications option, select the Jailbroken option, select the Weather Icon option and then turn on both the Status Bar Image and Status Bar Temperature options. You can then go back to your SpringBoard and the temp and weather icon will display on your status bar. It will display whatever theme icons you have turned on, Katra or Klear. Either way you do it…it is a pretty cool mod!

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  1. FYI – The WeatherIcon themes are also available on the ModMyI cydia source in conjunction with the 1.8.4 release.

  2. How do you get the weather icon to be transparent like in the pics above? Only showing the image and weather without an icon background?

    • -Get a transparent icon.
      -Make a winterboard theme on your computer.
      -Then put the icon in [THEME NAME]/Bundles/
      -Have two versions of the icon, one named [b]weatherbg_day.png[/b] and one [b]weatherbg_night.png[/b]
      -SSH the theme into var/stash/Themes
      -Put the theme at the top of winterboard and activate it.

    • Ignore the [b][/b] bit around the file names:)

    • Actually, even easier, when you install the WeatherIcon app, it adds an option to WinterBoard titled Transparent Weather BG. Just enable Transparent Weather BG in WinterBoard and move Weather Icon below it in the list. Then it will be transparent.

    • Version 1.8.5 removes WeatherIcon themes from winterboard but leaves the klear and katra ones.

    • Weather icon works, but it is no longer in Winterboard. Nor is Transparent Weather BG.

  3. I’ve ssh’d into my phone and pulled up the com.ashman.WeatherIcon.plist file, but there is nothing about ShowStatusBarImage or ShowStatusBarTemp. Any ideas why? I’ve updated to the most recent version.

  4. Hi, I have the fix done! Everything Ok! But I like not the new icons of the sun, clouds, etc. of Klear Weather Icon Themes. Has anyone even the old and can send it by mail or say where I still find these icons?

    Thx ibombi

  5. hi.. i wasn’t sure where to post something like this, but since you briefly discussed Supreme Preferences i thought i’d ask here.. would one of you (Doug or Brooke) be able to do a review comparing all the different “extra preference” packages? like Supreme, Extended, Advanced and MacSurgey Preferences? like which is the best to use? thanks!

  6. Brooke there isn’t an option in my WinterBoard that says Transparent Weather BG. Only thing there is Smoog Weather BG and Katra Weather BG. It used to be there when I installed Live Weather from the ModMyi source but after I restored my phone I installed it from the david ashman source and that option was no longer there

    • There is a package on ModMyI’s source called Transparent Weather Icon BG that will install transparent backgrounds.

  7. Great app and update! I love the taskbar weather!

  8. Brooke, that’s 11 screen shots, hmmm…i think you should turn them 2000+ screenshots on your phone into trading cards…never know…the lock screen could worth something someday. (Ok Brooke if these comments aren’t funny to you, I’ll stop).

  9. is there any way to shift the weather icon down just a little bit? maybe something to edit in a plist?

  10. Does anyone have the string identifier to use with weathericon for the accuweather app ?

    • If anybody else needs it, here it is. must do some digging to find it.
      (com.yourcompany.TestWithCustomTabs) Go figure

  11. hi, I just download the weatherIcon. But it just show the temperature on the status bar, and no image (like the sun above). How can I fix it ?

    • install either the Katra WeatherIcon theme or the Klear WeatherIcon theme based on which weather images you prefer (see screenshots below). Both of these themes are available through the source.

  12. Tried 2.1.1 on iPhone 3G with OS 3.0, and the weather icon no longer updates. It was working fine on OS 2.1.1

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