SkrewCommon 1.46 – Affects vWallpaper, iToday and iFastSwitch

SkrewCommon The update to version 1.46 of SkrewCommon affects quite a few application in the Skrew source. The update to Skrew Common fixes iToday so that if you have not entered a location into a Calendar event, it will not display the @ sign (see screenshot below). It adds an autolock feature into vWallpaper that allows your iPhone to autolock when you have a video wallpaper. The autolock feature seemed to work fine for me. Doug has been waiting for this feature in vWallpaper for a long time! And finally, [Read more…]

iToday 0.6 & Skrew Common 1.45

iToday The update to Skrew Common and iToday, add some nice new features to the application. In the Settings menu, you will notice that the Display Settings option is now available. If you select it, you are brought to a screen in which you can disable (by tapping); Information (missed SMS/Calls icons, battery, temp.), Calendar, SMS History, Call History and Birthday. If you disable one of the options, it will not show up on your lock screen. You are also able to change the order in which they display on your lock screen. If you tap, hold and drag the three bars to the right of an options, you can then move it where you would like it. The order they are in the settings [Read more…]

SkrewCommon 1.39

iToday The update to SkrewCommon version 1.39 makes some nice changes to iToday. My favorite part of the update is that both the box and the screen are now scrollable. In the previous version, only the screen was scrollable. This adds a ton of functionality to the application. However, it is a little tricky getting used to scrolling just the screen and not the boxes. You have to scroll near the top or on the right of the screen. After a little practice, it is no problem. Both SMS and Call History have been added to the lockscreen. It displays the Date, Time and Contact from the last 10 Texts and Calls you have received. It also displays [Read more…]

iToday 0.51

iToday The update to version 0.51 of iToday adds the Video Settings option back into the application. In the previous version, the Video Setting option was there but when you went into it all you got was a list of videos that had been installed. Now, it has the correct options under Video Settings. iToday is available through the Skrew source.

iToday 0.51 iToday 0.51

iToday 0.5

iToday The update to 0.5 of iToday has made some changes to both the Settings and the lock screen display. The Settings have changed quite a bit, you now have the options; Enable iToday, Video Settings, Date Setting and Restart SpringBoard. The Theme option has been deactivate and a Display Settings has been added but is not available yet. One new feature on the lock screen is that you can now scroll the page. It will display the next ten Calendar events and then the list of Birthdays. To see all the Birthdays, just scroll down. I also noticed that [Read more…]

iToday 0.4

iToday The update to iToday adds only a few new features. You are now able to choose what format you would like the date/time to be displayed in and there are two new themes in the Themes section. I personally like IntelliScreen but, I’m curious to know which you prefer iToday or IntelliScreen. iToday is available through the Skrew source.

iToday 0.4 iToday 0.4 iToday 0.4 [Read more…]

iToday 0.3

At first, I didn’t think that I liked the update to version 0.3 of iToday however, there are a few cool new features. One of the new features that I like really like is that you can tap on the lock screen and iToday will slide away for 3 seconds. A couple other small features include the battery level refreshing when your iPhone comes out of sleep mode, the time of the event is now displayed and the calendar will not show events that are already over. I also noticed that the Birthday’s are now displayed correctly!! That is definitely a good bug fix! The final new feature is to the actual application itself. There is now a [Read more…]

iToday 0.2

itoday The update to version 2.0 brings a few new features and changes to iToday. The first thing I noticed is that you now have the option to disable the video wallpaper. Which is an option that I think a lot of people will be happy to have. The actual lock screen display has also changed. There is a new battery charge icon which displays the amount of battery you have left in percentage. There is also a new section that displays your calendar events. It will display three up-coming events. I also noticed the the developer changed the dates so that they are displayed instead of date.month. This application has potential however, [Read more…]

iToday 0.1

iTodayiToday adds Phone & SMS icons, weather info and upcoming Birthdays to your lock screen. If you have a missed call or SMS, it will add a little number above the icon indicating how many missed calls/Texts you have. The temperature will update with the current temperature though, it doesn’t always work for me. Also, the birthdays that are listed look a little weird on my iPhone. I don’t know if it is because I do not have very many birthdays entered into my Contact or what but, I seem to get one Birthday and then two dates with no names behind them.

Another feature of the application is [Read more…]