iToday 0.4

iToday The update to iToday adds only a few new features. You are now able to choose what format you would like the date/time to be displayed in and there are two new themes in the Themes section. I personally like IntelliScreen but, I’m curious to know which you prefer iToday or IntelliScreen. iToday is available through the Skrew source.

iToday 0.4 iToday 0.4 iToday 0.4 iToday 0.4 iToday 0.4 iToday 0.4 iToday 0.4

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  1. cool_guy says

    I prefer intelliscreen but when it is not free anymore, I will switch to iToday…

  2. does the weather app update on its own yet or does it only update after manually updating the weather app on the springboard? that is dumb if it still doesn’t.

  3. MaverickC17 says

    I prefer Intelliscreen also. I like having RSS feeds and my calender on the that screen. My weather, RSS feeds, and Calender take up all of the bottom part. I wish Intelliscreen would put icons for missed phone calls and SMS Text Messages on the right and left of the time (Just how many texts i have, not a preview, I do not like the SMS preview).

  4. I like intelliscreen!!! I love to see the news, the weather, and so on….

  5. I still juts wanna see a calender only option like uCal

  6. HEEEE!! Help….when you ‘ve installed the itoday, you won’t see it back in the installer..and YOU CANNOT UNINSTALL IT!!! I try in the install section and you could INSTALL AGAIN?!?! … download and ….Strangely you can’t install (of course! again man!!) …and when you go out….NO more the icon …that cant even control to switch it off….i try to go to the FINDER and see….no you can’t activate it neither….anyone have the same issue?!

    • So, right now iToday is uninstalled in Installer but you still is it on your lock screen? Do you have OpenSSH installed? You can always SSH in and manually delete the application. I have installed and uninstalled this application may times without an issue.

    • happened to me,i tried to take it off using unistaller so i couldnot do it,the problem was that i forget to switch all botton in off,so i intalled again i today then put it off all botton and tha is it, i fix the problem, so i went to unistaller and i resolved

  7. jeah, intelliscreen+ucallendar would be just awsome!

  8. I’ve nerver installedd itoday, cause I am afraid of it. Everyone keeps complaining about its issues. I don’t want to restore my iphone. I am using intelliscren that works pretty fine, otherwise I’d like to see the callendar in my lockscreen.

    Is it true that Itoday can put a video runnig in your lockscreen? If yes, vwallpaper is necessary too?

  9. Guys thanks for letting me know about Intelliscreen, this application rocks!! The news feature is great i can see myself using that everyday.. even if it does cost i dont mind payin for this application, even though i am against paying for apps..

    Hey brooke if you read this message, when is the next pod cast its been way over a month now, since the last one..

  10. oh yeah..i could uninstall now …Thanks Brooke!! really quite disappointing this time to iToday….large files…(5Mb) and unstable….

  11. MiniMacLean says

    I prefer the options to be able to turn off such features like news and calendar and SMS alerts on Intelliscreen but i prefer the looks and the video and battery part of iToday
    I am going to go for Intelliscreen untill iToday has more options to turn off such features

  12. intelliscreen’s last couple of updates have been excellent making it far more useful than iToday. it also just looks so much better than iToday; almost as if apple made it themselves.

  13. Does anyone know which application (iToday or intelliscreen) reduces battery life more? I had intelliscreen for a while, but it ate up my battery so I uninstalled. Is the experience with iToday similar?


  14. itoday would be better if made more ipod touch friendly (like being able to switch off SMS and phone)

  15. I like intelscreen cause its got more options!

  16. since now intelliscreen costs 20 bucks, ill try to start using itoday…….. i would have paid 5 dollars, maybe even 10, but 20 is just …… THIS IS MADNESS …. NO, THIS IS PROGRAMMERS WHO WANT TOO MUCH MONEY ! (kick intelliscreen programmer into the spartan pit)

  17. i installed itoday and it didn’t show on the screen. I activated it but it didn’t do anything. Plz help!