iToday 0.1

iTodayiToday adds Phone & SMS icons, weather info and upcoming Birthdays to your lock screen. If you have a missed call or SMS, it will add a little number above the icon indicating how many missed calls/Texts you have. The temperature will update with the current temperature though, it doesn’t always work for me. Also, the birthdays that are listed look a little weird on my iPhone. I don’t know if it is because I do not have very many birthdays entered into my Contact or what but, I seem to get one Birthday and then two dates with no names behind them.

Another feature of the application is video backgrounds on the lock screen. You can select a different video than the one you have chosen in vWallpaper for your springboard background. You may also want to turn off the uCalendar feature in Kate (formerly known as Caterpillar) before you install this app. We have tested iToday and uCalendar together and basically uCalendar shows up but is covered up and not tappable. I have found iToday to be slightly glitchy and Doug says that it makes his iPhone randomly lock. I also found that when I tried to uninstall the app, it left some of the pieces on my lock screen even though the app was uninstalled. However, Doug uninstalled it with no problem. Let us know in the comments how it is working for you and if you like it or not! iToday is available through the Skrew source.

iToday 0.1

With uCalendar Installed
iToday 0.1 iToday 0.1

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  1. this is a pretty sick app thanks Brooke!!

  2. Before you uninstall, first disable the app. then you can uninstall it without any issues.

  3. 4 me it doesn’t make the lock noise anymore when i try to lock the phone.

  4. Just the sort of review I was looking for, in order to compare iToday with Intelliborn

  5. Very, very cool ;-)

    The birthday info needs to have a better layout in my opinion but it’s ok. To be perfect, Today’s calendar events!!

    Thanks for the app.

  6. I love the idea, but it is a bit glitchy. Then again, it is in beta, so we will just have to wait. :)

  7. this app and kate both make my iphone’s touch screen unusable! after installing them they would allow me to use the slide function to unlock the iphone and let me scroll through my app’s but when i select a app it would not allow me to use it bcoz the touch screen would stop working. i also couldnt uninstall it through installer bcoz touch screen wouldn’t work.

    this is the second time in a month i have to restore my phone which is becoming a pain!! does anyone no why this is happening? it only happens when i install kate and now itoday!!

    • lurkspur says

      Actually your touchscreen problem has more to do with the ‘sunburst’
      Dock app, rather than Kate or iToday.

    • I experienced the same problem for being unable to launch any app. However there is no need to do a restore.

      Here’s how I solved the problem with iToday:
      1. SSH into your iPhone
      2. locate var/mobile/Library/Preferences
      3. delete all “com.skrew……plist” (including those for vWallpaper and Ringtones)
      4. reboot

      After this you can still use vWallpaper. Just go in and set it to OFF then respring, then set it to ON then respring again.

    • Yes, Stack also gives Touchscreen problem. It is not related with Kate, vWallpaper, iToday I think.

  8. thanks for the reply lurkspur. so if i remove the dock will the itoday application run properly. i just cant risk restoring my phone again and installing all the apps!!! its really a pain

  9. took forever but yup its finally here

  10. Richard B. says

    Cool app. Just wish it would update the temp on its own. I also noticed it overrides the battery charging picture. I plugged mine in to charge and it loads up the iToday screen instead. It doesn’t matter though because you dont see the battery theme most of the time anyway.

  11. i was wondering where it gets the birthday info from? if anyone can tell me id appreciate it :)

    • It is pulling it from your Contacts. One of the options in your Contact’s information is Birthday. To add a Birthday to a Contact…go into the Contact, select Edit, select Add Field and then select the Birthday option.

  12. from your calender when you set birthdays in events

  13. alright so this app is off to a great start, it really does work nicely on the 114 if you install it properly, NOTE::: you must install SCREWCOMMON 1.2 update FIRST then TURN off/ON your Phone, then reload installer and install itoday , then reboot and or turn off/on your phone again (thats what i did) then run itoday, and use the RESPRING APP (from installer) let it respring and it will look like the springbroad froze but it didn’t just hit your sleep button, then push sleep again to get you too the LOCKSCREEN and it should be at the itoday page . if that doesn’t work come find us in irc #iphone .


  14. That is mad ugly

  15. got to do what you have to sometimes

  16. I like intelliborn WAYYYYYYYYY better the looks alone beat this app and when I installed I lost sound to my iPhone causing me to restore the thing I hate to do the most >.<

  17. nope no sound problems over here:) , cool little glitch i found tho on the lockscreen if you mess with the volume control’s your background will turn off and show yoru default background

  18. i think it makes your lock screen ugly and nooby :)

  19. Wadibasher says

    Guys, I have a 1.1.3 and the I cannot install Skrew Common 1.2. Does anyone have the same problem or is there a fix? Thanks!

  20. Nice app but 1 huge problem. My alarm failed to go off this morning making me 2 hours late for work.
    When I unlocked phone the alarms went off.
    Will have to uninstall until fixed

    • damm bro that sucks…I would be pissed

      This is the kinda stuff to expect with a beta app though…

  21. Itoday just screwed my iphone. now whenever i use the volume up/down button or the silent button the phone just locks. can anyone help me with the problem. i uninstalled itoday after disabling it.

  22. this is a cool app, but i prefer this one:

  23. yeah the alarm doesn’t seem to work properly in this app yet.. please give the developer time to fix the bugs… i noticed that my alarm went off and there was teh snooze button but i had no sound for the alarm. so i decided to turn off the app.. and after i did that and rebooted my phone. i tried to launch weather, and it just crashed. so i uninstalled the app and everything went back to normal.. please remember this app is still BETA. and this app is mostly for TESTERS ONLY

    • Beta…na this app is more like in the alpha stage. Known issues need to be posted so we are aware also.

  24. For me, it doesn’t show anything on the lockscreen after activating…
    What am I doing wrong???

  25. hmm… since Itoday installed every time I open an app, it confronts me with an unlock screen.. after unlocking everything goes fine..but makes life a bit difficult. Anyone similar experience with Itoday? I know it’s very beta, but..

  26. I was going to install it, cause I thought the app very usefull, but I don’t want to risk a restore, cause it is really awful. I see there are many problems yet.

  27. which is the sources?

  28. itoday is only giving me the video wallpaper feature…also, its not listed in my uninstall, i think i have to ssh it out, it doesnt even show in installer

  29. I am having conflict because I install the itoday, with the intelliscreen and the ical and it is giving me problems.

    I tried uninstalling all these applications, but they are still running.
    Can someone suggest anything?!?!?



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