iToday 0.2

itoday The update to version 2.0 brings a few new features and changes to iToday. The first thing I noticed is that you now have the option to disable the video wallpaper. Which is an option that I think a lot of people will be happy to have. The actual lock screen display has also changed. There is a new battery charge icon which displays the amount of battery you have left in percentage. There is also a new section that displays your calendar events. It will display three up-coming events. I also noticed the the developer changed the dates so that they are displayed instead of date.month. This application has potential however, it does not seem to pull accurate informaton for me. The up-coming events listed on my lock-screen are from seven months ago and the Birthday information is not correct either (it says the Birthdays are a day later then they really are). Let me know in the comments if you are experiencing the same thing! iToday is available through the Skrew source.

Note: iToday also has a new icon!

iToday 2.0 iToday 2.0 iToday 2.0 iToday 2.0

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  1. this app is gonna be much nicer than intelliscreen if they could only make some changes:
    – first of all – let the user choose the order and the widgets he wants to use.
    – then loose the fade in of the info when the screen is locked.
    loose the cloud behind the temperature. (or at least make it user-config.)
    – change the font for missed calls, temperature and all the rest (make it iphone-like)
    – love the battery (u can give us the option of changing the battery shape or colour according to the theme)

    and there are other small things…

    it is just an idea and i am glad i can use this app. it is on my top 5. :)

  2. bigmcq77 says

    its not very ipodtouch friendly because of the phone and SMS

  3. I think it will be great but until it updates properly and has more options I’m sticking with intelliscreen for now , but do hope to see great things from this app

  4. Hey guys,
    Ya the up coming info. on the lock screen is back dated. Also, another thing i’ve noticed is the weather on the lock screen only updates when u manually launch the weather application…in that case, there’s no point displaying the temperature on the lock screen. Also, it would be nice if there was a way to disable the birthday icon, not that important, and it doe’snt work properly. But the major problem i’m having rite now is, that i can’t uninstall this application. The application is not listed under uninstall tab on my installer, so can’t uninstall!!! I was able to do an update this morning, when the package was downloaded it said ‘ main script execution error’ however, when i was on my springboard, the icon did change, and the version was updated. Please can someone help me uninstall this application. I don’t want to end up doing a restore for something this silly.

  5. Yes great potential but i dont see the point of the weather not updating unless
    you go into the weather app 1st.. also the birthdays also are inacurate as already stated….

    ‘Intellegence’ is alot smarter for now and what im using… but i will check back and keep an eye on ‘iToday’ to see how it goes

  6. this app is way too clumsy and aesthetically unpleasant to compete with intelliscreen. once intelliscreen allows the ability to edit your own feeds and fixes a few bugs it will be killer.

  7. What I’d love to see is iToday and Intelliscreen get together. The iToday dev seems to be a much better designer, but Intelliscreen’s functionality is superior.

    • I agree with this. I have intelliscreen but after seeing iToday design I have started to think about installing this one

  8. I really prefer this app, less info but more readable…needs a few add-ons but it’s going in the wright direction…more blend in into to the iPhone…the other is only a mess of small windows…

  9. It is still a beta the real version is 0.2 not 2.0

  10. Iphone Killer says

    I have noticed after install of this app that it took some time to appear into my lock screen after applying the desired settings. After uninstalling this app it seemed to have left behind the wallpaper and also the text but no graphics. I know why this app is in beta because it has some major issues and I am thinking it is because I do not have springboard installed.