iToday 0.51

iToday The update to version 0.51 of iToday adds the Video Settings option back into the application. In the previous version, the Video Setting option was there but when you went into it all you got was a list of videos that had been installed. Now, it has the correct options under Video Settings. iToday is available through the Skrew source.

iToday 0.51 iToday 0.51

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  1. cool_guy says


  2. what are the videos for? i can’t see any video on my lock screen…

  3. Guilherme says

    I really like this application, but it’s the second time I need to restore my iphone.
    Applications that modifies the system are a bit dangerous.

  4. How can they have something unimportant like video support in for many versions now but not even email checking? i miss intelliscreen but i won’t pay 20 bucks

  5. The Spirit says

    the new version make me have problems with the “silence” mode of the iphone while at sleep and also the lockscreen reacts very slow.
    uninstalled itoday and it works like a charm again

    and i also had to make a complete restore because auf screwcommon app

  6. Intelliscreen is waaaaaay better, I got it cracked too :D

  7. I tried to uninstall this app and it removed the icon but i cant get it to go away on the lock screen. i restarted the phone and eveything..anyone know what i can do to get rid of it?, it keeps making my phone crash.

    • mine too.. It was gone for a couple days and now it just mysteriously reappeared again. I want to get rid of it but I’m also unsure what to do…

    • i had to restore my iphone on itunes, to get it off but i had to restore it as a new phone because if i did it from my backup it still came that sucked! good luck with yours!

  8. I have this installed and today there was an update for “Skew Common Version 1.38…but when I go to update it it gives me…”Package download failed”???! I disabled iToday and tried again as well as restarting my iphone as well as refreshing again but still no luck? Any ideas anyone on what I should do? Thanx for ur time.