vWallpaper (video wallpaper application) and SkrewCommom for Firmware 3.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

vWallpaper Some of you might remember the app vWallpaper, an application that enables video wallpapers. I honestly haven’t written about the app is quite some time however, people are wondering if it has been updated for the 3.0 firmware yet. A few days ago, the developer released a beta version of both SkrewCommon (a code app that is needed in order to run vWallpaper) and vWallpaper. It is a manually install and there are a few bugs still such as; the device will not go into sleep mode and sometimes the video wallpaper will not restart after closing an application. If you would like to give it a try, check out THIS post for the links and instructions.

Skrew Common and vWallpaper/vRingtones

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

VWallpaper Well, it seems that while I was traveling, we finally got one of the apps that many of you have been waiting for…vWallpaper/vRingtones. I gave the app a try and it seems to work great! One new feature in the vWallpaper section is that you can now add a picture mask to your wallpaper. The video wallpaper will then show behind the picture mask. Another feature that I really like is the ability to preview the wallpapers and picture masks before setting them. The only thing it needs now is the ablity to view a vWallpaper before you download it. That would be nice!

The vRingtones part of the application works well too. For some reason these apps seem to run a lot smoother now. When I had them on version 1.1.4 and below they were always a little sketchy but, they seem to work great on firmware 2.0 and above.
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vWallpaper 0.93 & SkrewCommon 1.49

vWallpaper The update to SkrewCommon and vWallpaper gives vWallpaper some nice new features. When you select Video Ringtones you will notice that the Select Video option has been changed to Select Global Video and that there is a new Manage Contacts feature. The Select Global Video option still allows you to choose one video ringtone for all incoming calls. A cool new feature is the Manage Contacts feature which allows you to select video ringtones for specific contacts! When you select Manage Contacts, you will get a list of your contacts. You can then choose a contact and it will bring up the list of videos you have downloaded. Just select the video you would like as that contact’s ringtone. You will then be brought back to the contact list. The contact’s with video ringtones assigned to them will have a delete icon next to them. To delete a video ringtone, tap the icon and then select Delete. It will only delete the video ringtone and not the actual contact. [Read more…]

VideosTone vs. vWallpaper

Quite a few people have been asking what the difference is between, VideosTone and vWallpaper. Below is a breakdown of both the applications (the numbers are corresponding).

VideosTone VideosTone
1. Ability to set a video ringtone for all incoming calls or you can choose video ringtones for specific contacts
2. You can preview the videos before selecting them
3. Ability to set both the audio ringtone and video ringtone [Read more…]

vWallpaper 0.92 & SkrewCommon 1.48

vWallpaper The update to SkrewCommon and vWallpaper adds the ability to set video ringtones. When you open the application, you will see that the main menu has changed and the options now include; Video Wallpaper, Video Ringtones, Visit Application Page and Donate. The Video Wallpaper option itself has not changed. When select the Video Ringtones option, you will get a menu with the following options; Enable VideoRingtone, Select Video, Download Videos, Videos Repository (which is not available yet) and Restart SpringBoard. [Read more…]

SkrewCommon 1.46 – Affects vWallpaper, iToday and iFastSwitch

SkrewCommon The update to version 1.46 of SkrewCommon affects quite a few application in the Skrew source. The update to Skrew Common fixes iToday so that if you have not entered a location into a Calendar event, it will not display the @ sign (see screenshot below). It adds an autolock feature into vWallpaper that allows your iPhone to autolock when you have a video wallpaper. The autolock feature seemed to work fine for me. Doug has been waiting for this feature in vWallpaper for a long time! And finally, [Read more…]

SkrewCommon 1.41

SkrewCommon The update to version 1.41 of SkrewCommon allows vWallpapers to work in conjunction with iFastSwitch. Before the update, vWallpaper would not activate. SkrewCommon is available through the Skrew source.

SkrewCommon 1.41

vWallpapers 0.6

vWallpaper Another version of vWallpaper and more fixes with a sneak peak of a future feature:

– Video loop glitch fixed (i hope for all videos :p).
– It don’t mess with ringtone call anymore (i have tested 30 times!)
– new method to detect video playing. need feedback!
– You can change video without need to restart springboard.
– Next version will have ability to download wallpapers [Read more…]

vWallpaper Video Wallpaper Video from iPhone Video Recorder

vWallpaper 0.3 I took this video real quick from Brooke’s iPhone to show that it’s working. I’m going to try and make some video wallpapers of my own and SSH them in later :)

Watch “vWallpaper” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

vWallpaper – Video Wallpaper

vWallpaper 0.3 Here’s another reason why you will still want to jailbreak your iPhone after the SDK apps are released: Video Wallpaper. This tweak hasn’t been released yet but we’ll make sure to let you know when it is! Here’s a video:

UPDATE: This app is available through installer from this source under multimedia: http://i.danstaface.net

Watch “Video Wallpaper” from your iPhone or iPod Touch