vWallpapers 0.6

vWallpaper Another version of vWallpaper and more fixes with a sneak peak of a future feature:

– Video loop glitch fixed (i hope for all videos :p).
– It don’t mess with ringtone call anymore (i have tested 30 times!)
– new method to detect video playing. need feedback!
– You can change video without need to restart springboard.
– Next version will have ability to download wallpapers

I’ve tested this version and still have trouble with the black “glitch” on some wallpapers. It seems the higher resolution and longer the video is, the more likely you’ll see the “glitch”. It is very nice to select a file and not have to restart. Thanks to the developer for updating this app and listening to the users requests!

Don’t forget you can browse and download video wallpapers for your iPhone at vWallpapers.com.

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  1. Awesome!!!
    Waiting for the capability to download vids…

    Definately worth the while and a few bucks.

  2. Thailar says

    This app really is SO awesome because no matter what you are doing on your iPhone you are almost always seeing the home screen in-between tasks, and with video running in the background (especially some of the ones you guys have provided) it just looks so freakin cool.

  3. Maaaaan, I’ve been dying to get this app on my iphone but cant for the lif of me because the source wont refresh or show up in installer. Would it be possible to download it somewhere and install it via SSH instead?

  4. Doug love this app its some cool stuff

  5. And my 7 year old son wont put my phone down he wants to keep playing with the vWallpaper app

  6. Love the app! great work from the creator!
    Love the mario wallpaper too!! rocks!

  7. cool!
    i wait for download function in the pleasure..

  8. Has the auto-lock problem been fixed?

  9. Still having a glitch in myself_made video :((
    1 black frame or smth like (

  10. Is it gonna eat up lots of battery???

  11. David Patrick says

    have you noticed that when you put wallpaper on, the autolock does not work, anyone else having this issue

  12. Doug has not noticed that vWallpaper drains his battery (he said maybe slightly but not enough to tell) and it does not auto-lock when vwallpaper is on…you have to remember to hit the button yourself! It’s a downfall!

  13. finalkazuya says

    i got a message saying that i need to download the Skrew Common package first…then when i try to download it…it comes up with the same message? Anyone know how to fix this issue…

    • Exit from installer and then reenter installer …Installing the package should then install… that worked for me

  14. finalkazuya says

    Sorry my bad…it was simply a reboot of my iphone…then it let me install the “Skrew Common” application…then i could install the vWallpaper without any Error messages popping up…

  15. bigmcq77 says

    do you have to install Skrew Common? I already installed the latest vWallpaper but do I need the Skrew Common??

  16. I have added this app and everytime when i go to turn off my ipod it never turns back on it gets stuck at the apple logo and never fully loads.. its happened 3 times to me only when i have this app. Is anyone else having the same problem?

  17. I can’t see my manualy uploaded vids anymore, only the standard vids fire and weather. Anybody having the same problem?

  18. glucosamine says

    I get a main execution script error every time I try to install the common files, even after deleting the older version, and rebooting. Bummer. I really like this app.

  19. I have try this app yesterday (v0.5 updated v0.6) without problem but this morning when I start my phone I can only see the video but not the icons. I try to restart and the Off slider appears, I cancel and I can see my Springboard but one second after, the video comes up one more time, on the second try I achieve to touch the Restart.app icon, then I can see my icons again with the video on the background. Uf… what a bad trip. Hello vWallpaper, Bye vWallpaper.


    • I have the same problem by 1.1.4 when turn the phone on i only can see the wallpaper when i turn the slider off and then on it works,hope this problem can fix too.

  20. I’m trying to install SkrewCommon, but I keep getting an error saying, “Main script execution failed!” I’m on 1.1.4. I googled, and found fixes for this error where you install the latest Installer.app and change the persmissions, which I’ve done, but I still get the error. Anyone have any ideas? I liked this app, but now I can’t use it.

  21. I’m also getting the error when I try to install SkrewCommon.
    “Main script execution failed”

    • go to http://iphone-forums.de/showthread.php?tid=14839 or inform you at the apple iphone school forum for maine scripzt execution feiled
      There should find a answer to this problem.
      ( I have it too)

    • yay after a lot of work, i´ve vWallpaper on my iPod!!!
      First time i´d mein script execution failed while installing skrewCommon
      But after many methodes i´ve it on my iPod!!!
      Sry I don´t know how to do it correctly, but you should try all methodes.
      Like I, I´ve rebuildet my ipod six times ^^
      But now it works!
      just great

  22. uuhhh… it doesn’t work 4 me… just the plain black wallpaper…

  23. Now mine says package download fails. When i try to d-load either one.

  24. I have a 1.1.4 and no matter whAT i do it stays black in the backround can someone please help me. I even have all my summerboard icons set to off. plz help

  25. The new version that Iphone is 2.2.1. When we install the quickpwn 2.2.1 the cydia does not have the vwallpapers in the search location. Also when we add ir manuely the source address in incorrect when we tru to add the http://i.danstaface.net. this address does not work or maybe I am doing something wron here.