NoWiggle – Stop Icon Wiggling While In “Move” Mode

NoWiggle is a hack that keeps your icons from wiggling while in “move” mode. There used to be a hack in Cydia called WiggleFree that did the exact same thing but that app is no longer available so if you are looking for a similar hack… NoWiggle is the app for you. Like WiggleFree… the process is simple and easy, just install the application and no more wiggling icons! This means that when you tap and hold an icon so that they can be moved around your SpringBoard, they will no longer wiggle. You will know you are in “move” mode when the icons display an x in the upper right corner. You get out of “move” mode just like normal, by pressing the Home Button. You can get NoWiggle via the BigBoss source.
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vWallpaper (video wallpaper application) and SkrewCommom for Firmware 3.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

vWallpaper Some of you might remember the app vWallpaper, an application that enables video wallpapers. I honestly haven’t written about the app is quite some time however, people are wondering if it has been updated for the 3.0 firmware yet. A few days ago, the developer released a beta version of both SkrewCommon (a code app that is needed in order to run vWallpaper) and vWallpaper. It is a manually install and there are a few bugs still such as; the device will not go into sleep mode and sometimes the video wallpaper will not restart after closing an application. If you would like to give it a try, check out THIS post for the links and instructions.