vWallpaper (video wallpaper application) and SkrewCommom for Firmware 3.0

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

vWallpaper Some of you might remember the app vWallpaper, an application that enables video wallpapers. I honestly haven’t written about the app is quite some time however, people are wondering if it has been updated for the 3.0 firmware yet. A few days ago, the developer released a beta version of both SkrewCommon (a code app that is needed in order to run vWallpaper) and vWallpaper. It is a manually install and there are a few bugs still such as; the device will not go into sleep mode and sometimes the video wallpaper will not restart after closing an application. If you would like to give it a try, check out THIS post for the links and instructions.

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  1. Will I need to download the app vWallpaper and skrewcommon from Cydia first or can I just simply SSH and put the file in my phone manually without going thru Cydia?

  2. wujek212 says

    works for me only it crash if you want download the video ringtone and video wallpaper :(

  3. wujek212 says

    now my cydia stop working after done this :(:(:(

  4. toNYc311 says

    I’ve always stayed away from vWallpaper after I got my iPhone 3G. It used to work great on my iPhone 2G. But on my 3G it never worked quite right. I do not trust putting it on my 3GS. It’s a great app I just wished it worked better for me.

  5. I never go it to work. The next best thing I found was to ssh an mp4 video clip titled “Wallpaper.mp4” and it works just fine. Good luck.

    • so you have video wallpaper working? does it also work with video ringtones? anyway you can show me how you got the video onto your phone?

  6. one video ringtone is stuck as my ringtone. No matter how many times I change my ringtones…it still shows up as my general ringtone.

    I have upgraded to 3.0, vwallpaper was long time deleted but this stupid video ringtone is still working!! my phone is possessed!!!!’

    Please help!!!

    • that program does not write correct,that why you had that happen.you need to BUY a prober vWallpaper from apple comp.

    • Hi ryan,

      I have the same problem, i have iphone 3g, and deinstalled VWALLPAPER, but I still get the videoringtone when someone calls me, very annoying..

      Is it a possible way to add the program, than deactivate vringtone en then delete it??

  7. kidflash77 says

    mine does the same thing except the wallpaper is stuck and i cant change it.
    its really pissing me off!!!

  8. Dude, Vwallpaper messed up my ipod, my themes don’t even have a background and its really annoying me. Im never using this dumb app again! I need help!

  9. GUYS!!! I found the solution!!! You have to go into cydia, and manage. go into there and get rid of skrewcommons and the whole thing is fixed!!!!! My backgrounds work!

  10. iphoneatic says

    screwcommon for iphone 4 hopefully comes out