Skrew Common and vWallpaper/vRingtones

Available In: Cydia       Price: Free  

VWallpaper Well, it seems that while I was traveling, we finally got one of the apps that many of you have been waiting for…vWallpaper/vRingtones. I gave the app a try and it seems to work great! One new feature in the vWallpaper section is that you can now add a picture mask to your wallpaper. The video wallpaper will then show behind the picture mask. Another feature that I really like is the ability to preview the wallpapers and picture masks before setting them. The only thing it needs now is the ablity to view a vWallpaper before you download it. That would be nice!

The vRingtones part of the application works well too. For some reason these apps seem to run a lot smoother now. When I had them on version 1.1.4 and below they were always a little sketchy but, they seem to work great on firmware 2.0 and above.

Note: Remember that in order to use vWallpaper, you first need to install SkrewCommon.

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  1. how do you put your own video on? ive been working at this for 15 minutes. im gonna ssh and find su.mp4 and just replace it i guess

    • u need to put the same mp4 in


  2. Its a good app but I found out that it uses alot of resources.. ie: when trying to launch a heavy app, it will freeze your phone.. i had it on for a bit but then i took it off…

  3. I’ve tried it works fine but it slowed down my iphone a little. 8g iphone 3g on 2.1. But it is much better on 2.xx than on 1.1.4.

  4. Hi, where can i find this in Cydia? What is the repository ?

  5. Now if they can just get it to turn off instead of having to close it everytime.

  6. It works great, I just downloaded a few vRingtones mp4’s then using diskaid copied them across
    Most people are using Aimersoft Studio to create the vRingtones

  7. ive downloaded it … and it opens up and i chose my vwallpaper press the home button to come out of it and nothings changed? any ideas from anyone?

    im running 2.1 on 8g 2g with vista has my theme?

    • you don´t have to use any wallpaper with winterboard

    • how do u disable the theme wallpaper in winterboard?
      there arent any setttings in winterboard when u open the app and neither is there such an option in wbapp.
      winterboard sux in terms of configuration.
      in that area, summerboard was much better.
      so can anyone plz help me turn off ONLY the theme wallpaper in winterboard, so that i can view the vwallpaper video?

    • when you use a theme with winterboard, inside that folder there is a Wallpaper.png file, just delete it ( make a back up) and make sure there is no other Wallpaper.png applied

  8. MaverickC17 says

    I liked this App on 1.1.4 but this version seems to lock up my iPhone a lot. Uninstalling until they update it.

  9. This is one of the apps bigboss puts on his no download list. Makes your iphone run slow because of the needed resources which causes faster battery drain.

  10. This is the app I’ve been waitin’ for! Still on 1.14! I might have to upgrade really soon. Waitin’ for iToday, similar to vWall, but you can add videos on the lock screen.

  11. An other thing, just wondering why ou don’t talk about our other software ?

    multiQuiz & myRadios ?

  12. Imperialxone says

    I searhed for vwallpaer in my cydia but no result found? do i have to add any source to see this app? please help thanks.

  13. ive tried and it looks very nice mybi it will drain ur batery faster.. to make it work, go to winterboard and just uncheck any themes then exit the video wallpaer u had enabled in ur vwallper will 100% works..

  14. the vwallpaper application is very nice! belive mi!

  15. in the new winter board thers also a video wallpaper.. its also cool!

  16. How to add the Skrew Common Source in iPhone 2.2 16GB 2G phone
    please help to me to add this source

  17. i like it a lot for video ringtones been using it for awhile and i dont have any issues with it just waiting for an update so we can set up the contacts better

  18. vringtones will not allow incoming calls in that are not assigned a vringtone. This is a real headache since you dont have every number that will call you stored in your iphone as a contact. The phone will just silently get a call in and you will not beable to answer that call no matter what. Once i disabled vringtones my phone worked flawlessly. Please help if the is somthing I can do about this because I love the video ring tone thing and would like to keep the application.

  19. I installed the Vwallpaper and skrew common. I have a vwallpaper i made and when I ssh it to my phone and set it as my wallpaper it is off centered to the right. any suggestion? also does this to my vringtones.

  20. vWallpaper.. well mainly SkrewCommon caused many of my apps, namely twitter – to not function properly.

    not sure what how or why but been a month tryina figure out why twitter stopped working – tried literaly EVERTHING – support ticket is on twitter’s support page – those eggs told me to change ISP .. nice support twitter.

    anyway not sure what it is but after individually uninstalling each app, rebooting and then checking if twitter worked – it only started working after uninstalling SkrewCommon – and even the phone is a lot more responsive!
    just putting this out there for anyone else who has problems with any app connecting to the internet – no idea whats goign on and if someonw could pass this on the the dev working on vWallpaper/SkrewCommon would help

    heres the last log from cydia, after which the app and the OS started working better

    2010-09-13 00:22:16.435 Cydia_[132:613] Setting Language: en
    S:pmstatus:dpkg-exec:0:Running dpkg
    O:(Reading database … 1748 files and directories currently installed.)
    O:Removing com.skrew.skrewcommon …
    S:pmstatus:com.skrew.skrewcommon:0:Removing com.skrew.skrewcommon
    S:pmstatus:com.skrew.skrewcommon:33.3333:Preparing for removal of com.skrew.skrewcommon
    O:Running predelete…
    S:pmstatus:com.skrew.skrewcommon:66.6667:Removing com.skrew.skrewcommon
    S:pmstatus:com.skrew.skrewcommon:100:Removed com.skrew.skrewcommon
    Terminating in response to SpringBoard’s termination.
    2010-09-13 00:29:49.026 Cydia_[204:613] Setting Language: en
    2010-09-13 00:30:18.773 Cydia_[204:613] HUD:::<UIProgressHUD: 0x23e8e00; frame = (0 0; 0 0); opaque =

    NO; autoresize = W+H; layer = >

    hope it helps someone –

  21. Meler- Andy says

    Please help i menage to find Vwallpeper 1.1.2 and ScrewCommon witch was very hard to find deb file ,cos on cydia it wasent workin, so I have got iphone 2G on 3.1.x and i installed screwCommon first then vwallpeper and when ever i click on select video wallpeper it’s nothing ther i even found seprete mp4 video theme pack for vwallpeper copy it to the folder Videobackground and still nothing the program doesnt see even build in mp4 ,i have checked on ifile and ther some samples any solution ?

    oh every thing i download doesnt work from dans ,maybe cos i am using simple background,after i uninstalled vwallpeper and screwcommon i can only have one wallpeper on lockscreen and os background sucks help please ????? rather to use vwallpeper

  22. Hi
    I gave vwallpaper for ios4 it does’nt works on my iphone my iphone is 3gs (8gb) my iphone version is (4.3.3) and i have been jealbroke it
    And when i want get vwallpaper for ios3 it says depend skrewcommon3. I want you help me to get this app.

  23. I have downloaded it and when installing was in finishing some red and yellow lines come and says error may.
    Please help me to get it.

    • Scott r says

      I had the same thing. This is a few years old. Not sure what happened to skrewcommon. Maybe Skrew switched to android?