VideosTone vs. vWallpaper

Quite a few people have been asking what the difference is between, VideosTone and vWallpaper. Below is a breakdown of both the applications (the numbers are corresponding).

VideosTone VideosTone
1. Ability to set a video ringtone for all incoming calls or you can choose video ringtones for specific contacts
2. You can preview the videos before selecting them
3. Ability to set both the audio ringtone and video ringtone
4. You have to manually SSH in more videos to be used as ringtones (comes with one default video ringtone)
5. Shows up as an option in your stock Settings app on you iPhone
6. Free
7. Available through iFoneTec Source

1. If you set a video ringtone…that is the ringtone for all incoming calls
2. You can only see the file names of the videos
3. Can select only a video…whatever audio is with that video is what is used as the ringtone
4. You can download more videos to be used as ringtones from within the application
5. Shows up as an application on iPhone’s SpringBoard
6. Free
7. Available through Skrew source

Let me know in the comments which application you prefer…I really think it comes down to personal preference.

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  1. vWallpaper uses more of the battery. . .so I’ll stick with VideoTones

  2. VideosTone gave me the swod. So naturally I prefer vWallper.

  3. VideoTone Rulesz… it was awsome when we were able
    tu put just one video for free…. but now…. its amazing!!!

  4. Video tone Rockz.

  5. i like the ability to make different videos for different contacts. i LOVE VideoTones!

    i would like an option where i can keep normal ringtones except for a few people i want video tones for, so VideoTones works somewhat for that too…

    until vWallpaper can get a few more features i will stick with VideoTones!

  6. I use VideoTones for the video ringtones and vWallpaper for the video wallpaper. I have both using the same folder for all the videos…which is awesome!!

    I like both so far…but for different things.

    VideoTones is slightly better becuse it allows you to set specific videos per contact and you can preview.

    • vWallpaper can do that now. vWallpaper is more complete. Although there is a new version of videotones, which I duno.

  7. Honestly I dont care what anybody says I think vwallpaper still rules hands down. Sorry to those that like Video Tones. They are both great but kudos to vwallpaper.

  8. iPhoneBlaze says

    vWallpaper/Tone will delay for a few second when receipt call especially when running app.

    and VideoTone is more fast, but when press answer button the screen will freeze for a moment.

  9. I know VideosTone still rings out aloud in silent mode… does vWallpaper?

  10. I found out, it works in silent mode, just switched to vWallpaper : )

  11. Iphone Student says

    Videostone is better for using video ringtone, stable ,simple and functions.

  12. Any one able to get personalize videostone to work? I pick the name then video, but can’t get it to work. Just use defaults even with personalize one.

  13. NakedFaerie says

    vWallpaper is better now as it IS FREE still.

    The only problem is its not poroperly working in firmware 3.0

    Where is the update? Still waiting for it….

    • it’s working just after u install vwallpaper version u add 2 update in to vwallpaper folder to version1.10