vWallpaper Video Wallpaper Video from iPhone Video Recorder

vWallpaper 0.3 I took this video real quick from Brooke’s iPhone to show that it’s working. I’m going to try and make some video wallpapers of my own and SSH them in later :)

Watch “vWallpaper” from your iPhone or iPod Touch

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  1. If you replace “/Library/Skrew/Videos/fire.mov” with any other .mov file it will work. But the .mov has to be named “fire.mov”.

    Hope this is helpful.

  2. Just amazing!!!!! thanks.. :)

    • I KNOW! Totally cool! Doug has always said that the iPhone needed to be able to have moving backgrounds! Now it does. Now we need the ability to create video ringers…so when someone calls, it plays a video. Doug has that on his last phone…it was cool!

  3. thats a quiet cool app!!!

  4. I know this is slightly off topic, but how did you get those calender time notes on your lock screen? I’ve been dying for an app like that for ages.

  5. hey.. im trying to change the wallpaper… if u can doit please email me… thanks

  6. i keep getting a “main script execution failed!” error. what to do? thanks

    • I’m getting the same error message “main script execution failed!” did you get yours working? any suggestions on how to fix? thnx

  7. Small problem. While vwallpaper is running you cannot watch video in ipod, through avplayer, or online. Is anyone else having this problem? Other than that the app works great!

    • that happened to me with the video but also when i made calls people could hear me but my speaker wouldnt work and i could listen to music and basically everything that has to do with noise did not work, i just had to restore my phone =[

  8. axelhofmann says

    Seriously, lovely app, but i don’t wanna use the fire movie, so i made my own one, 123 MB… named it fire.mov replaced this one Library/Skrew/Videos/fire.mov and also applications/vwallpaper/library/Skrew/videos with that file.
    Still doesn’t work, iv’e tried to restart the phone aswell, any tips?

  9. Yeah while vWallpaper is running you can’t watch videos from your iPod, a future update could do with it auto disabling itself when you tap the iPod icon.

  10. it would waste so much power

  11. and the online video thing stops if u change the wallpaper for one of ur own

  12. Version 0.3 is out! Fixes a few bugs and you can now select your own videos (no more renaming)

  13. It made my volume soft….

  14. does this work with summerboard

  15. What is the source for this? Im suprised no one here has listed the source!:)

  16. what is the source for this app??

  17. Off Topic as usual lol…Brooke u finally got a case on ur iphone?!! when did this happen??? lol, just wondering what case u were using?

  18. i know where, and how to put my own videos on the app, but where can i find/download cool ones to put on there? i tried recording(using iphone video recorder) some different screen savers on my comp, but the files aren’t too clear, and don’t fill the screen when on my phone… any suggestions?

  19. This is a link to where you can download windows vista dream scene as .mp4 for the iphone and ipod touch.

  20. Francesca says

    hey i just downloaded vwallpaper but have no idea where to start. I want to use my own videos buti only see a fire and a weather one to use. How do i use my own videos?

  21. Does any body know any video wallpaper repositories that I can add to the new vwallpaper?

  22. Heyy im trying to put my own videos as the wallpaper
    but i dont know how to do it
    can i get some help?

    • This is for use with Winterboard:

      Make sure you convert your video clip to .mp4 format

      I use iphone browser to get my files on the ipod. open iphone browser (google for it I can’t remember where I got it)

      Select the goto location tab and select themes. Make a new folder in the themes folder named what you are calling your video wallpaper.

      drag your .mp4 video into the folder you just created.

      Rename your video file to Wallpaper. It must have a capital W and must be renamed to wallpaper or it won’t play.

      Go into winterboard and select your wallpaper

      respring and your video wallpaper should be playing.

  23. Is anyone else having a problem trying to open vwallpaper after jailbreaking the iphone for 3.0 i have a 3g and i have made atleast 20 video wallpapers before the new 3.0 version came out. now that i have re-jailbroken my iphone vwallpaper wont work. is it not updated yet or did i download skrew common and vwallpaper in the wrong order? i click on vwallpaper it brings up the loading screen for exactly 1 and a half seconds then goes back to my menu/icon screen. please help. GREAT APP by the way

  24. I have a small problem. My iPhone 3.0 when tries to play a video as a video ringtone it doesn’t fill the screen, as he used to. It covers only the half of my screen(vertically) and I lose the half of the video(horizontally)
    Any suggestions???

    • I have the same problem. It sucks! I’ve downloaded bids from mxtube and redirected them to the vwallpaper video folder and still the video wallpaper only covers a 1/3 or the screen

  25. i can’t downloard this apps……….how can i do this plzzzzzz reply………………….


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