PhotoList Update – Facebook Integration

Available In: App Store       Price: $1.99  

PhotoList I opened iTunes this evening and what did I see? An update to an app that I had done a review on last week. It was the PhotoList app by Raisix Inc. (click here for the review) I was interested to see what they had updated and I was hoping it wasn’t just stability issues as most updates are. But to my surprise they had added a new feature to the app…Facebook integration!! Now that is cool.

The Facebook integration allows you to do two things: Upload and Download photos to and from your personal Facebook account.

To Download
Within PhotoList, create a new folder that you want to download pics from your Facebook account. Tap on your new created folder and tap the folder icon at the bottom right of the screen. Tap “Facebook” on the “Download photo from” title and after it requests authorization, sign into your Facebook account. Once you have done this tap “Done” and start downloading from any of your Facebook photo folders. Once you have selected your photo, name it or keep the default name and give it your 1 to 5 rating (if you want), and tap “Done”. Once you are done, tap the Facebook arrow and then cancel to take you back to the PhotoList app.

To Upload
Within one of your folders in PhotoList, tap the pic that you want to upload. At the bottom left is a foward icon. Tap “Facebook” on the “Upload photo to” title and after your sign in or authorize, tap “Upload”. The photo will upload to a default PhotoList folder that has now been created on your Facebook page. You will be given a “success” message once the photo is uploaded and hit “Done” to go back to PhotoList.

The only problem with this is that you have to then sign into your Facebook account from your computer to approve the photo before it will post to your account for others to view. PhotoList might want to look into building a Facebook Application as well to compliment this new feature.

This app is totally worth the $$$ now!!!! Maybe Flickr, Picasa Web, and MySpace integration next?



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  1. V K Mahajan says

    Upload photo Multiple folders iPhone from Vista

  2. Hi! We’ve just released another update to PhotoList which adds even more features for sharing pictures.

    PhotoList 2.0 new features include:
    • View pictures on the Web through any browser, via Wi-Fi connection
    • Ability to transfer pics to and from your computer via FTP
    • Email multiple pictures right from PhotoList
    • Facebook integration
    • Screensaver which rotates through photo collection.

    It’s still $1.99 in iTunes too.

    Beth at Raisix