TourDeFrance 0.2

TourDeFrance The update to version 0.2 of Le Tour de France, a Tour de France guide, makes a few changes to the application. The first change you will notice is that the application has a new icon. A very nice new icon I must say. When the application opens, you will find two new options on the main intro screen…the ability to view the app in French and a ChangeLog option. Once you have selected a language and are in the main menu, you will see two new options; L!ve and Ratings. Both of which are viewable via Edge, WiFi or 3G networks. The L!ve option will give up-to-date information during the races via Tour de France Official or Eurosport UK. All you will need to do is choose one and then select the Live button. The Ratings options will display the overall rating via Eurosport UK. Other changes include; [Read more…]

TourDeFrance 0.1

TourDeFrance Like applications Euro2008 – a European Football Associations Guide and Formula1 – a Formula1 Guide, TourDeFrance is a Guide for le Tour de France. The application will open to the main screen in which you can select your language, as of right now, only English is available. Though, I’m sure we will see more languages added with future updates. Once you have selected your language you will be brought to the main menu here you will see the options; News, Teams with Drivers, Race Calendar, Race Info, Race Map, Last 10 “Winners”, Credits and Select Your Language. The New option will bring you to a menu in which you can choose to see new via Yahoo or BBC Sports. When you select an article from either, [Read more…]